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June 3, 2011

Peter Hanson


PETER HANSON: I was playing well, all the way around up until that 14th hole, and dumped two balls in the water, but the second one I got really upset, because, yeah, it was the wrong play. I hit a great 3-wood and ended up wet again. So took a bit of energy out. On the way up to my next tee, I finished with four straight birdies, and still being two behind, so that was the plan and unfortunately I missed my last birdie but managed to make those three, so that was nice.

Q. The first was a deft little chip from the green-side that nestled in just a matter of inches and then a nice, long putt holed at the next.
PETER HANSON: Yeah, 16 was playing so different today. That's normally a very long hole and I managed to get a drive down 390 yards and just had a little lobber in. Set up nice for a birdie and then 7-iron on 17 was clutch, as well.

Q. The way the ball bounced on the way toward the hole, a little bit wobbly those greens late in the day?
PETER HANSON: They are very, very soft. So what you get with soft greens is always going to be a little wobbly in the afternoon. But on the other hand this helps us because we can be very aggressive, as well. I think most players in the field would like to see them as firm as the rest of the golf course.

Q. Of course the key thing is the wind today. How different was it? How difficult was it?
PETER HANSON: Yeah, very difficult going out. I mean, on the way from here, all the way out to the turn, it's pretty much straight into the wind. So like I said, I played well on the front nine, and 3-over par.
So yeah, I didn't make a lot of putts, of course, but still, felt like the game was there, so it was nice.

Q. I guess you've played this in all sorts of weather now so you know the various nuances of the Celtic Manor Course?
PETER HANSON: Yeah, it's playing so different now with the fairways, how firm they are; it says quite a bit when you hit a drive almost 400 yards. It says quite a bit of how firm it is.
It's a bit awkward with the greens being so soft, because it's really hard to get that into your head when you see the ball bouncing down the fairway and then commit to yourself, really fly it all the way to the hole into the green. It feels a bit strange.

Q. Having said yesterday, just how good it was to play with Graeme McDowell and Jamie Donaldson; do you have an appreciation of how well they are playing?
PETER HANSON: Yeah, they are playing very good. Jamie is playing very steady. And Graeme is playing steady as well, made a lot of putts today to keep in there, and the way he rolled the ball, you can see, he's very good when the greens get a little bit like these, bouncy, same as U.S. Open last year and probably here, he's very good. He's deadly inside ten feet.

Q. Having won the Scandinavian Masters yourself in front of the home crowd, can you appreciate what Jamie is having here in front of a Welsh crowd?
PETER HANSON: Definitely, it's so nice to play with crowds like this. We are very spoilt to be out here and to have all of these people around us cheering.

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