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June 3, 2011

Josh Teater


JOSH TEATER: I didn't make too many putts today, but still got even par. I had a couple tough holes, but hung in there and plenty of golf left.

Q. There's a couple of guys that went really low, but it seems like the leaderboard kind of stayed where it was from yesterday.
JOSH TEATER: Yeah, I haven't really looked at it that much, but -- I had a little trouble reading them, just a little bit off around those holes. A little bit different than yesterday, but we're going to try to do it again tomorrow.

Q. Do you feel with the way you played you kind of lost the opportunity to move up? You had a chance to maybe get to 7 or 8.
JOSH TEATER: I guess there's always a chance to get up there, but there's 36 holes left and plenty of opportunities out there.

Q. Did you notice the crowd a little more happy today?
JOSH TEATER: It was a little rowdy there toward the end, us being one of the last groups out there. They're having a good time.

Q. Did you hear anything?
JOSH TEATER: Nothing in particular, no.

Q. Is it difficult to rebound after a hole like 12?
JOSH TEATER: You know, it's what you make of it. That green, it gives you about a 25-foot circle to hit the ball in. If you miss it you're in a bunker or you're in the water. I just didn't execute, so it didn't bother me much, just went on and hit a good shot in there and didn't give it a very good chance on that bogey putt.

Q. How are you at doing that, rebounding?
JOSH TEATER: Pretty good. Pretty good. I mean, it's over with. You can't really do anything else about it. The more you think about it, the more it's going to affect you.

Q. Did the course play any different today, do you think?
JOSH TEATER: It's a little bit of a different wind, and it played a little shorter. I hit some shorter clubs off of some of the tees and really played the positions instead of just getting up there and wailing on it.

Q. Do you expect it to change much over the weekend?
JOSH TEATER: If it stays like this it'll continue to maybe roll out just a little bit, the greens maybe firm up.

Q. How did you play 16 today?
JOSH TEATER: Yeah, I hit a real good 6-iron in there between the flag and the bunker, and I had about a 25-footer, and I ran it by five feet. I think I'm 1-under on it so far.

Q. So I guess you're liking that hole, the new one?
JOSH TEATER: Yeah, it's treated me pretty good.

Q. How does that closing stretch of holes --
JOSH TEATER: I mean, they're very demanding. Obviously if you get it in the fairway you can hit it up there -- kind of like 12. You've got 25-foot circles to hit the ball in, and from the fairway you can do that. 18, I hit it in the bunker and had to lay up. I almost chipped it in after that for par, but we'll get that one back tomorrow.

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