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June 3, 2011

Luke Donald


Q. How did it go out there for you today, four shots back?
LUKE DONALD: Yeah, again, I played a lot of solid golf today, some of the mistakes I made -- I'm making lots of birdies the last couple days. I can't even think, 12 or 13 birdies probably. So doing a lot of good things, some careless mistakes out there, mostly short game mistakes. As I said yesterday, this is kind of the first time I've played rough that is this long and gnarly and struggling a little bit with it. Obviously a lot of positives though and I'm still in a great place for the weekend.

Q. Were conditions worse today than yesterday?
LUKE DONALD: I'm looking forward to a week off. Yeah, this is my fourth week in a row, and certainly I had to really work on managing my energy levels. I haven't probably practiced as hard as I would have liked this week, but still, I'm playing nice golf, and again, looking forward to the challenge of another weekend in contention.

Q. Does the way you finished this round, does that give you extra momentum going into the weekend?
LUKE DONALD: Yeah, last two days. Even yesterday I finished strongly, four birdies out of the last five, and did something similar today. Any time you birdie 17 and 18 around this course you know you're doing something right. So again, a lot of positives.

Q. How many holes did you end up playing in match play with the pro-am, over 100?
LUKE DONALD: Yeah, over 100. It would have been six rounds pretty much.

Q. Did they all go 18?
LUKE DONALD: One went 19, one went to 15, one went to 17, I think.

Q. A couple shy maybe?
LUKE DONALD: A couple shy maybe, but obviously the pro-am in there, as well, so obviously that would have been probably seven rounds in five days.

Q. Do you feel like you have enough left in the tank for the next two days?
LUKE DONALD: I'm here. I wouldn't have turned up if I didn't think I had a chance. I could have easily pulled out if I really didn't think I had the energy. Yes, for sure. I've got enough for two more days.

Q. Four in a row in three countries, right?
LUKE DONALD: Three countries, yeah, a few different time zones.

Q. Are you waking up at --
LUKE DONALD: It's just a five-hour time difference isn't too bad. When you get UK to the West Coast, eight hours becomes a little more of a challenge, but five hours is pretty manageable.

Q. You mentioned careless short game mistakes. Would you give a description of that?
LUKE DONALD: Yeah, the 13th was a tough one. I got a little bit cute. I'm struggling a little bit with the sand consistency, as well. It's a little grainier than I'm used to playing than we see on TOUR and just not getting enough speed through the ball and it's coming up a couple yards short of where I want to pitch it. Same thing happened on 18 yesterday. So hopefully I'll remember those two shots and adjust.

Q. You kind of looked over at the gallery. Did someone say something to you?
LUKE DONALD: Yeah, he was just laughing, just a dumb spectator not showing much respect. I gave him a little stare down.

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