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June 3, 2011

Rod Pampling


Q. You are now in contention heading into the weekend where you want to be.
ROD PAMPLING: Definitely. Obviously it's where you want to be is in contention, to have a chance. It was just a beautiful day out there. There was hardly any breeze, golf course is in fantastic condition, and you know, obviously things went our way.

Q. A little soft, though, I'm hearing from some of the guys, that it's still really receptive?
ROD PAMPLING: Yeah, it is, but still, the golf course -- they might be receptive, but you've still got to putt on these greens and they're quick. That gets your attention. There's plenty of time for them to dry out over the weekend if they want to do that, but I think the golf course is perfect. Yes, you can get it close, but they're still not backing up at all. You've got to hit a quality shot out of the fairway to have it stop. I think the golf course is playing really solid right now.

Q. Do you think we'll see more low rounds today?
ROD PAMPLING: I think so. The guys have got to be on. You've got to be hitting your iron shots right, or they're making 30-footers. Eventually that's going to run out.
It's possible. Obviously I went out early, so obviously there's plenty of guys out there to do the same.

Q. You've been in contention a number of times here, shot low rounds. Is there anything specifically that suits your game well here?
ROD PAMPLING: I think you've just got to play golf. You've got to shape it, you've got to hit it both ways, you've got to be on certain parts of the fairways. It's a good, classic golf course. I think it's in great shape. You know, it's not just get up and smash it. You've got to shape it around and put it in positions. We've been here enough to know where the good positions are and where the bad ones are. We just keep away from the bad ones, should be all right.

Q. Tell us about your round. Any close calls or any good saves?
ROD PAMPLING: Yeah, I made a couple good putts for pars, but that's what you need to keep rounds going. If I made bogeys -- obviously I didn't, but it would have been disappointing, but they would have been soft bogeys. But we didn't, and kept the round going.

Q. Pretty much a matter of good placement?
ROD PAMPLING: Yeah, you know, the spots where potential for bogey, we had relatively easy chips. We weren't short-sided, so it still needed a good chip and a putt, but the chance was there. You weren't dead.

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