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June 2, 2011

Chris Bosh


Dallas Mavericks 95
Miami Heat 93

Q. Chris, can you take me through the last play where Dirk had the ball in the post against you, what you were thinking and trying to do against him, and the fact that he did go to his left hand to finish the game.
CHRIS BOSH: Well, I mean, he does a move that he always does. You know, he uses his body well. I got caught up in trying to cut off his drive, and that's what he wanted. You know, for a split-second I just played bad defense. You know, it cost us two points.

Q. Chris, when you guys went up 15, do you think the team exhaled at all at that point?
CHRIS BOSH: I mean, not really. We're not really guys that really exhale much. We just we didn't execute down the stretch. I don't really know what happened. We had everything going. We had the momentum going. I think they kind of took us out of our rhythm a little bit. They showed us some different looks, and we were playing against the shot clock pretty much the whole end of the fourth quarter.
So we're going to have to make some adjustments and do better in Game 3.

Q. Chris, Erik said a few minutes ago that this kind of pain, this kind of disappointment is something you guys can carry to Dallas, been there before with this kind of situation. Talk about the psyche of the team right now after blowing that kind of lead late in the game.
CHRIS BOSH: We're going to use the mottos we've always been using the whole season. Nothing changed. Things happen. It's how you read and react to situations. It's not about what happens at the moment, you just have to stay with it, don't get too high, don't get too low. Stay with the plan.
We're faced with a challenge now. We're going to have to go and win on the road. And we've had to do that before, so we shouldn't be surprised that that's our situation now.

Q. Chris, when the game was tied, how shocking was that? What kind of hit did that give your team at that time?
CHRIS BOSH: It doesn't give you hits. You concentrate on the next play. You really can't be shocked or you can't do your job. Things like that happen. We have had situations like that before, and you know we were just concentrating on the next play. We just didn't execute, like I said.

Q. Is that just a reminder of how explosive Dallas can be offensively?
CHRIS BOSH: I mean, yes, we were talking about that in the huddle. We were saying not to relax any. We know they're a very explosive team and they can come back very fast. And they did. So we've made our mistakes today, and we can't let it linger. We have to just leave this where it is. And they're going to be waiting for us in Dallas, so we have to come with our minds correct.

Q. Chris, what was the strategy in terms of the foul to give, not doubling and you on Dirk instead of Udonis? What was the strategy that you guys were going with in that final possession against Dirk?
CHRIS BOSH: The strategies that we've always been doing. I just tried to stay between him and the basket. He gave me a quick move, and at that point I didn't feel that I had leverage for the foul, because he was going into a shooting motion.
Like I say, it was just all bad defense for me.

Q. Obviously you guys are disappointed. Is there complete shock and disbelief right now in the locker room?
CHRIS BOSH: No, there's no shock. You know, there's disappointment. We didn't want to lose this game. But, you know, that's not going to do anything. The reality is the reality. We might as well get used to it and focus on the next one.
THE MODERATOR: Thanks, Chris.

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