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December 12, 2002

Paul Casey

Alastair Forsyth

Padraig Harrington

Paul Lawrie

Paul McGinley

Justin Rose




JUSTIN ROSE: Really frustrating. With this format you want to press on and keep making birdies. First couple of holes we got off to a bit of a ropey start but rest of the front nine we dovetailed well. I played pretty badly on the back nine to be honest. CouldnĀ¹t get the putts in the hole either.

PAUL CASEY: I struggled with the putting. Left three or four putts on line, short in the middle. The greens are fine just slower than I am used to. The surface is fine, a bit grainy, but I have been playing on greens that have been 13 on the stimp in practice and come out here and donĀ¹t know if they are even nine. ThatĀ¹s really annoying. Having said that I think we have a strong foursomes partnership. It is not like we have a one sided team and we are both as strong as each other. Hopefully that will work and some of the other teams that may be a bit more one-sided we will pass them.

JUSTIN ROSE: Foursomes is the hard part of the tournament. If we can have a strong Friday and Sunday it will make up for it.


PADRAIG HARRINGTON: Just pushing too hard. ItĀ¹s not easy when the putts arenĀ¹t dropping.

PAUL McGINLEY: It was not our day. Nothing happened. Just didnĀ¹t click.

PADRAIG HARRINGTON: ThatĀ¹s the problem most of the time, you are trying too hard and getting on the back of yourself when the putts donĀ¹t drop. ThatĀ¹s the way fourball is. Hopefully we can make up some ground tomorrow. ThereĀ¹s still a long way to go and five shots is nothing.


ALASTAIR FORSYTH: We made it on the back nine. The front nine we played steady par golf and any birdies we made we were both birdieing the same hole, the par fives. We struggled a little on the greens. Had a lot of chances on the front nine and never took them but managed to make a few putts on the back nine and that was basically the difference.

PAUL LAWRIE: We both played really good on the front nine and made no putts at all really. The putts we did make were either tap ins or two putts for birdie. The back nine we played the same but holed more putts. The foursomes will sort the tournament out. It did a couple of years ago when I played. Fourballs is just birdie as many as you can and foursomes is about not making mistakes.

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