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June 2, 2011

Ben Curtis


Q. You talked earlier this week about your play around the greens. Talk about today. Any better today?
BEN CURTIS: I just saw a few go in, which was nice. Made a few putts. Had one three-putt out there on 13, but it was more where I just hit the first putt too hard and then had a five-, six-footer coming back, and I hit a good putt, just didn't break on me.
But overall I made some good putts. I didn't have too many long par putts, but I hit a lot of greens and gave myself quite a few chances.

Q. What did you think of the conditions out there? Pretty ideal?
BEN CURTIS: Yeah, it was. The greens are getting quite quick. They're quicker than they were on Tuesday and Wednesday, so that was something to get used to at first. But they're rolling really good, and the ball is getting some roll in the fairway.

Q. I imagine you go into every tournament this way, but do you feel like this one is obviously special for you that this is going to jump start things for you this year?
BEN CURTIS: Well, you hope every week you play well. You don't go into every tournament, one tournament here and there, just saying, I hope I can play for two days and get out of here. You're always there to play well and try to improve your game. This is a good course to do that because you've got to hit a lot of good shots and if you're stroking it well you're going to make a lot of putts. It's one of those that could get you started.

Q. Would you rather get rah-rah'd here or just kind of do your thing?
BEN CURTIS: I'll do my thing. I mean, it doesn't matter. They can do whatever they want. Half the time I don't even hear them. You hear stories from my parents and wife telling me, Did you hear this guy? I don't hear most of it.

Q. We haven't had many perfect weather weeks but this is shaping up to be. Is it like, where is the rain?
BEN CURTIS: I think moving it a week earlier made a huge difference. I can't remember many cold days in the first couple years because it was at the end of May, so having it the first week of June and the end of May has made a big difference.

Q. Do you remember coming up here as a kid?
BEN CURTIS: Oh, yeah, yeah. I mean, there's days that I planned on coming and couldn't come because of the rain -- well, they weren't playing. It's kind of hard to watch when they're not playing.

Q. As far as a U.S. Open warm-up, as difficult as this course is with the rough and everything else, is this about as good as a warm-up as you can get?
BEN CURTIS: Yeah, the only difference is the fairways are about 30 yards wider than they are during the Open. I would say with the rough being the way it is this week, yeah, it's going to test yourself. There's a lot of those shots that if you hit it in the rough it's not much skill, you're just chopping out anyway because of the severity of the lies. But around the greens it definitely gives you a tough test.

Q. Talk about your overall round. How do you feel about how you played out there today?
BEN CURTIS: Well, I didn't drive it real well. I mean, I drove it straight but wasn't hitting it real solid and got away with it a bit. But I'll work on it and move on. So I was just pleased more than anything to see some putts go in. I hit some crisp iron shots, which was good, as well. Just hopefully keep it up for the next few days.

Q. Is it my imagination or were you pretty aggressive out there?
BEN CURTIS: A little bit. I mean, just a lot of the putts looked -- the one on 16, it was so straight, it kind of felt like I had to ram it in. Yeah, I felt pretty comfortable on the greens. I wasn't trying to ram them in by any means, just trying to lag it up close to the hole and hopefully get a couple to drop because I had three or four putts today that broke at least five, six feet.

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