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June 1, 2011

Andrew Ference


THE MODERATOR: Questions for Andrew Ference.
ANDREW FERENCE: You look at tendencies. That only does so much. You can key on certain things. First and foremost, you don't want to get in the box. But after that, it's keying on tendencies like we would have done against Tampa Bay, playing your hearts out and sacrificing. That's what penalty kill, at the end of the day, turns into.

Q. Were the days off good for you after what you've been through?
ANDREW FERENCE: It's a good chance to reset, for sure. I think there's enough time to kind of leave the last series behind and move on. It does take a couple days for the emotions to kind of just, you know, be released from that game.
Traveling up, having a full day here was good just to prep for the series, leave everything else behind.

Q. There were reports that Colin Campbell is stepping down. Would that be good for you guys not to have to answer those questions? Is there any positive?
ANDREW FERENCE: No, because he doesn't deal with any of our stuff. It doesn't matter.

Q. Even just to not have to deal with this question from now on, would that help?
ANDREW FERENCE: This is the first time I ever had the question, so...
Never had to answer it (laughter).

Q. Do you hear about the questions that are asked from the outside?

Q. Do the insinuations irk you guys just for the fact that you're involved with the union a little bit? There are suggestions here the other day there's bias because Gregory is on the team.
ANDREW FERENCE: I think those insinuations are coming from people that have less faith than I do.

Q. You're a western Canadian guy, not a BC boy, but a lot of westerners on this team. How excited are you to be opening this series a little closer to home than maybe if you were back to Bean Town?
ANDREW FERENCE: I feel really fortunate, second time going to the finals, both times with a Canadian content. It is a special thing. For a Canadian team to be matched up against the original six, that's a really cool opportunity as a player. For two great cities with good hockey history to be involved, it's awesome.
The finals are special no matter what. But there's a couple little extra sprinkles on top with this matchup.

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