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June 1, 2011

Chris Bosh

MIAMI, FLORIDA: Practice Day

Q. Do you think Dirk will be able to dribble with that hand?
CHRIS BOSH: It's going to be the same. We have the scouting report and we're going to follow that scouting report. We're going to play as if he's 100%. There's no letdowns, there's no feelings that he isn't at the level that he can be at. And that's something that we do not want to do.

Q. Chris, we always knew you can play defense in Toronto. How are you in a system like this a stronger defender?
CHRIS BOSH: Just working every day at it, taking advice from the coaching staff, and just really practicing and practicing. That's really it.
Most of the times you're going to have to take the challenge on the defensive end, and we do have a system that we're known as a defensive team. If you're not in the right spots where you can't play defense, you cannot play.
Q. You talked about at times it was agonizing to come to the decision. You look at where you are at the stage you are at, does it make it feel worthwhile?
CHRIS BOSH: Yeah. I think for all of us it was an easy decision, but it was tough and it was tough like coming together, giving up our sacrifices and what we were sacrificing. That was in the beginning -- that was almost a year ago.

Q. Did your players take it personal the fact that so many people sensed the Mavs had the edge?
CHRIS BOSH: I don't think we take it personally. We have good players. We have good players. We play more games, especially in the playoffs, we get more comfortable with each other. We get in situations where guys have to make big plays. It's not necessarily any of the starters. Sometimes it will be Mario. Sometimes it's Mike. Sometimes it's Udonis. I think the fact that Udonis came back, that shifted more guys to their natural positions, and they were able to be more effective.

Q. They'll obviously adjust defensively. What do you guys expect in terms of them going zone and bouncing back and forth? The onus is on them to do something defensively.
CHRIS BOSH: I mean, I think we kind of figured they're the type of team that just keeps you guessing, and they really want to switch up the tempo on you. They'll go zone, they'll go man, they'll switch, they'll show. They do so many different things, and if you're not anticipating it, it can slow you down, and that will hurt you.
We're just trying to stay a step ahead right now. We're trying to make sure we see the zone coming sometimes, that we're well prepared, and we get into our offense a little bit quicker.

Q. I know you spoke about it earlier, Dirk's finger, how does that change the mindset in terms of defending you?
CHRIS BOSH: I don't think it changes anything. We're going to play him aggressively. He's the heart and soul of their team. Especially their offense. We're going to have to play him the same way as if he's 100%.

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