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May 31, 2011

Ryan Kesler


RYAN KESLER: It's good for the city. I played there a couple years. Had a couple really fun years there. Just like here, their fans treated me well when I was there. I'm happy they're getting an NHL team again.

Q. (No microphone.)
RYAN KESLER: You guys aren't that bad. Sometimes you guys are a little too much. I like the way they're doing it. It's good to do it this way, have one day, kind of get it all out of the way.

Q. You have very good statistics in defensive zone faceoffs. Why especially in the defensive zone? Have you had some help with that?
RYAN KESLER: Defensively, not that you bear down in the defensive zone, but there's way more at risk if you lose a defensive zone faceoff than if you lose an offensive zone faceoff.
I think for me, we try to do different things in the offensive zone, win draws differently. That might be the reason.
Guys that really taught me along the way would be Trevor Linden. My first couple years, he taught me a couple things. Me and Manny have an open book about these things, we learn from each other. I think we're both pretty good at the draws.

Q. How about when you're going against Bergeron, the top guys?
RYAN KESLER: You know what, for me, I just focus on what I do well, make them adjust. I have a couple things that work. I'm going to try 'em and see what works against 'em.

Q. There's a lot of people that think that the Bruins have the size and strength advantage. Do you reject that notion?
RYAN KESLER: Obviously they got a couple really big guys. I don't think we got a guy that's 6'7" on our team. They might have the size thing, but I think we hold the spot for most hits. We're definitely a very physical team that likes to get on the forecheck. I think we're at our best when we're playing a fast game, we have puck-moving D back there that can jump up in the rush. All our four lines can skate. I think when we're playing like that, you know, we're playing pretty well.

Q. Talk about the faceoff situation, how important is that part of the game?
RYAN KESLER: It's important. When you start with the puck, any team, the other team is going to have to chase. For us, it's going to be important. We're going to have to focus on that. That's one of many things we're going to have to focus on in the coming games.

Q. (Question regarding Manny.)
RYAN KESLER: Manny is going to be huge. It helps when you have two righties and two lefties. If he's going, then it's going to be good for us.

Q. Nice article yesterday about how you and Bieksa came up as friends, Burrows. What does it mean to go this with guys like that?
RYAN KESLER: Yeah, it's amazing going through this process alone, but to do it with guys that I basically played my whole professional career with, we've had a core group of guys here that's been here for five, six years, it makes it even more special and more motivating.

Q. Was there a time you can remember that you allowed them in, so to speak? You're hard to get to know.
RYAN KESLER: Yeah, it wasn't a specific time. Juice tries to be tough all the time. It took a little extra time to get to know me, I guess.

Q. What is the family situation for you coming in for tickets? Are you handling that? Your wife?
RYAN KESLER: I got that all out of the way early. My family, they know what games they're going to. For us, I told them I needed to know by yesterday so I could just focus.
They're all going to be in town and enjoy this experience.

Q. (No microphone.)
RYAN KESLER: Shots, like Bieksa said. Shots, shots, shots. I think we got to shoot, drive the net. He's a goalie that makes unbelievable saves. If he's down and out and you think you got a tap-in, you have to bear down and bury it. He'll try to stop pucks with any limb possible. I played with him in the Olympics, I practiced with him. He's a very good goaltender.
We have a very good goaltender, as well. I think it's shots in traffic that will be key.

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