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May 29, 2011

Eduardo Romero


Q. The first one.
EDUARDO ROMERO: Well it was the first shot it was very good shot. I hit it 240 to the front of the green and then from then I have 110 yards. And then I just said with my caddie, I hit the 52 and then I hit it fat and it was I think it was the worst shot in my life. And then I hit it very fat shot and then when I hit the ball, I'm just coming down and like this in the water. And then I hear screaming people over there behind the green and I thought, well, what? And then just I made a putt from birdie for about 10 feet it was unbelievable. And sometimes you get lucky. Sometimes it hams and sometimes not. But I'm very happy.

Q. When that bounces, you get a bounce like that, you got to make the birdie, right?
EDUARDO ROMERO: Oh, yes, of course. Of course. But I'm, you know, when I go to the green, I'll be red faced because for me, you know, that, but anyway I make a 3 and it was fantastic.

Q. That's called a membership bounce here. I don't know what you call it?
EDUARDO ROMERO: Yeah, that's an Argentinian shot.

Q. What about the birdie on 6? One of two today. What did you hit in there?
EDUARDO ROMERO: Yeah, it was three fantastic shots. I hit three good ones and then I hit a 5-iron fantastic 5-iron. I think it was pin high 20 feet and then make a good putt from there.

Q. What is so brutal about that hole?
EDUARDO ROMERO: Well I think it's the most tough hole on the course. And then you need to hit the ball in the fairway but more difficult to try to hit the second one. The second shot is hard from there. Because it's down lie, you have to look it to the left and there's a bunker and big rough and then you have to be very concentrated and hit the ball well. And I did it and I made a fantastic three. It was the best three today.

Q. And you probably, you gained about a shot and a half on the field because it's?
EDUARDO ROMERO: Yeah, fantastic. Yeah I'm very happy.

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