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May 29, 2011

Joe Ogilvie


Q. Joe, 2-under, looks like just possibly one short. Comment on how tough it's been.
JOE OGILVIE: It was hard. I mean, just the hardest thing is we -- on 14 I hit a perfect second shot, what I thought would be a perfect second shot, and I hit it 25 yards farther than I possibly thought I could hit it.
And I made bogey there, come back with a good birdie on 15 and 16 had my number, I can't carry the second bunker, it's a tough third shot when you're laying up.
It's just an exceedingly difficult golf course. Some courses with a lot of slopes like this, it kinda feeds to the holes. This kinda feeds away from the holes. With this much wind, I'm not good enough to place my ball where I want it on the green to get the proper putts, so it's just a tough golf course. I mean, 3-under par, U.S. Open here in Dallas. (Chuckles.)

Q. Amazing performance by you, really.
JOE OGILVIE: Considering how I played the last three years, to make it with this much wind and the golf course as difficult as it is, I'm happy with the way I'm playing.
I feel for with the first time that I actually know where the ball is going with my iron shot which is easier to play when you know where the ball is going and you know and anywhere in your peripheral vision is good. So it's good.

Q. Any one shot that you'll look back on this week that you would like to have back?
JOE OGILVIE: You know, Joe wanted me to hit wedge on 13 and I hit 9-iron and I made bogey there. Got kind of a bad break but I wish I could have that wedge back. Other than that, I'm happy. Fourth place is not terrible.

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