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July 29, 1999

Lorie Kane


KIRSTEN SEABORG: There was a huge crowd out there.

LORIE KANE: So much for my plans of keeping everything like a normal week.

Q. What was it like?

LORIE KANE: Because that doesn't happen every week, and I was trying to prepare myself for that this morning, thinking the fans yesterday in the Pro-Am were crazy. I mean, there was a ton of people following us, cheering my every shot. And, well, you know, those of you who follow us knows that just doesn't happen every week.

KIRSTEN SEABORG: Ever happen in Canada before like that?

LORIE KANE: I don't think this big. I can't -- I was going to say Toronto; last year in Windsor the fans were awesome too, but they just seem to be so much larger here. I mean, when you are playing with the U.S. Open Champion, obviously you are going to attract an audience, so (laughs), it was wild. But walking out on that first tee, I never felt that in my life. It was --

Q. Was it nerve-wracking?

LORIE KANE: We got my first tee shot off, and I just hit. I didn't make the putt on the first hole like I would have liked to. Then I hit a good tee shot on the next par 3; ended up making bogey. But I said to Danny on the 3rd hole when I hit my drive right, I said: I can't -- this pressure just -- it was just something I have never felt before. Then I kind of settled down, and Juli being Juli, giving me her words of encouragement like she always does, you know, she said to me, you can handle this, she said, just like I handled the Open; and what it felt like for her to be playing at the Open. To have somebody -- both Tammie and Juli are great people to play with because they are both very encouraging. But Juli has, you know, to share those experiences with me today, especially, made it easier. And I kind of settled down a little bit knowing that other people do go through this.

Q. You have been on television a lot the last couple of months. A lot of people have been able to learn something about you and follow your game. That is why there was a crowd today.

LORIE KANE: Well, you know, it is exciting that people can come out and watch, and I get excited by that. Again, I came here wanting to be somebody I am not; and that is selfish in trying to do things just for me, because I can't. I have learned that I -- my parents should probably be here; that I probably could handle it. The great support of the people that are here I know -- I have college friends that are following me that I haven't seen since I left Arcadia. I believe that the mid-amateur is being played here in Calgary and some of my dad's friends were out -- everybody seems to be here but my mom. It is really too bad. But my plan was to come here and make it simple. These great fans changed that, because you can't. You have to -- Danny told me probably on the 4th hole, he said, instead of fighting it today, let's embrace it. Let's get into it. Let's have fun, like we do every week. And I quickly turned around the smile that sometimes doesn't come -- I am always smiling, but I know when I feel when I am really smiling. I had a lot of fun on the back 9, and I am really looking forward to playing tomorrow.

Q. Did you call your mom, tell her she could come now?

LORIE KANE: Well, we had an agreement. And we usually stick to those agreements. But she will know that, you know, it made the headlines at home that I asked mom to stay home. It was great (laughs). She is still feeling the celebrity whether she is here or not. No, she will definitely be back next year. But we, you know, again, we made a decision, and we will probably stick to it. I bogeyed 2, 7-iron through the green, and chipped and 2-putted about eight feet. Then we get to what you consider probably one of the greatest holes in golf, No. 11, the par 3. I hit 8-iron to about five feet. No. 12, I hit the green in two. I hit 7-wood 250 yards. It was in the rough just in the first cut and caught a flier, but the wind was just howling out there when we played the hole. I had probably 15 feet for eagle, and just left it a little bit on the low side and tapped in for the birdie. 14, bogey. I hit a 9-iron into the green, which didn't release like Juli's did, and was about 20 feet, and 3-putted. The second putt was about five feet. 16, I hit 7-iron. Just rolled through the back fringe just left of the flag about 15 feet, and made it for birdie. And 18, I hit 3-wood, hit the green in two. I had about 15 feet for eagle. Maybe further than that. 20, let's say. And I had about three feet coming back for birdie.

Q. When did Juli give you this speech?

LORIE KANE: It was probably through the front 9, somewhere. I can't quite remember, but we talked, and she is just a very encouraging person and a helluva golfer. I mean, she is a real athlete, that one. After playing this course, you know, played the practice round, then again yesterday, Danny and I discussed who this course was made for, and I definitely think it is made for Juli Inkster. She hits the nice high irons that come down soft. The greens are a little firm, but she hit some great shots today.

Q. Any outrageous people saying -- were they yelling at you?

LORIE KANE: They were cheering me the whole way.

Q. Anything just abnormal that --

LORIE KANE: Not abnormal, but very encouraging. When I made bogey, you can get it back, you know, that type of stuff. Just -- they are just there 100% support. More than 100%.

Q. When was it that you actually felt like that you sort of calmed down and could have fun? You mentioned you were talking --

LORIE KANE: Probably start of the back 9 I really got -- I hit a great tee shot on 10 and gave myself a good chance and ran it right over the edge. Then the old Lorie showed up on the 11th tee because that was a real solid swing. I can honestly say that I didn't hit very many crisp shots on the front nine like I have been. I think what happens is you get a little tense and your hands get a little tight around that club and, you know, that tension is not a good thing in a golf swing. I managed to shake the cobwebs or shake that tension out of my swing and had some chances on the back 9.

Q. Can you carry that into the rest -- like are you -- do you think you are over the jitters?

LORIE KANE: Yeah, I am just going to soak everything up because I am -- I have always said that I am one who believes that I am in the entertainment business and Danny reminded me of that as well on the golf course. He said: They paid their money, let us entertain them. I want to do that because I know I can and I think that is the best way for me to approach the next three rounds is just to go out and enjoy everything about being here and being at home and just play golf and have fun doing it.

Q. I heard on TV last night you said winning this would be like winning the Stanley Cup.

LORIE KANE: Absolutely.

Q. Explain.

LORIE KANE: Well, I think as Canadians we are hockey crazy here in this country and we don't get the Cup much. So for me to be able to win a major championship in Canada, in my eyes would be the equivalent to how a hockey player would feel about winning the Stanley Cup, a Canadian in Canada. We have a lot of Canadians, great Canadians with their name on the Stanley Cup don't get me wrong, but they are just not in Canada.

Q. Who is your favorite hockey team?

LORIE KANE: Well, I always cheer for the Canadian team that goes the farthest. I am a Red Wings fan, though. I like Steve Yzerman, he is Canadian though. Not hard to be an a Leafs fan when -- I think the Leafs, this could be their year.

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