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May 29, 2011

Sonny Skinner


Q. Talk about your day.
SONNY SKINNER: I've been making good decisions and hitting the ball in the right spot. I thought I had done a decent job on 17 and then I got nothing.
And then on 18 it felt like I had hit my ball in the bunker is what I felt like I needed to do and I did. And then I can't hit a straightforward bunker shot. But it wasn't as straightforward as it looked from the bunker, obviously it was a ridge there that took my ball to the right.
But I didn't read the putts good all week. It's tough. It really is. You play on Bermuda grass greens 90 percent of the time and then you come up here where it's just pure as silk and you're looking for the ball to wiggle a little bit more and it never does.

Q. It's bent grass, right?

Q. The race for honors in this championship takes a lot of pride and I know that you and the others who have made the cut got one step out of the way and now you try to do well on Sunday, to get that last rung of the accomplishments for this week in. And I know it's -- sort of speak about that level and trying to achieve that recognition to be in this field.
SONNY SKINNER: Well, it's obvious that the majority, that the club pros in this tournaments are not Tour players. But we are all fairly accomplished golfers nonetheless. And, yeah, there's a great pride that we take, we look at this as being our championship, and to be the low club professional in this championship is quite an honor. And I don't think I played good enough to do it this week, I'm not sure. I haven't looked at the scores, but.

Q. You're low in the clubhouse.
SONNY SKINNER: I'm low in the clubhouse? There's how many people behind me?

Q. One with a chance.
SONNY SKINNER: One with a chance.

Q. Jim Woodward?
SONNY SKINNER: But how many over?

Q. He's 7-over for the tournament. And going into --
SONNY SKINNER: Well I'm 6-over.

Q. Yeah. So he's going into, what, 14 maybe? He's playing 14 right now. So there's still a chance. We want to make sure you hang around with us.
SONNY SKINNER: Well Jim is very deserving to be low club pro as well and he shot a very good round yesterday. He had us by about four shots, I think, going into today.
But it's not playing easy, it's very windy out there and it affects you more on the short shots than you would think. The greens are so slick.
But hats off to Jim if he does well and I'm sure he feels the same about me. We're old friends. We did play the TOUR together 20 years ago and, but now we're both enjoying teaching golf and working at our clubs and getting to play competitive golf quite often, but not enough to really be sharp.

Q. When you had a great start and I watched you come up 9 and you had a putt that went like a rocket off your club on the fringe. You were playing solid golf at least for 10 or 11 holes.
SONNY SKINNER: I was. And I had little things like that where you make a misjudgment or your feel's not quite sharp and all of a sudden there's a little creep of doubt that starts to come in to your mind. Its going to happen to all of us, everybody that plays this game, we all have to deal with it.
And I managed to put it at bay and hold it off and I made a lot of nice pars through the back nine. I just had some ridges to run along coming in and I didn't judge them very well. But I hit every single putt with the intention that I could make it.
And I thought I could make that putt straight in on the last hole and it broke to the right. I distinctly remember seeing Bob May's ball go down there and wiggle to the left and go in the hole. And my wiggled to the right.

Q. It was the same direction?
SONNY SKINNER: Well, you know, it seemed like it to me.
But I played it straight, I didn't play it to wiggle any. But it did wiggle a little.

Q. So your debut, you did real well and congratulations on that?

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