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May 29, 2011

Keith Reese


Q. What did you shoot?
KEITH REESE: I shot an even 80. But let me tell you it was 2-under on the back side.

Q. 34?
KEITH REESE: Once my heart rate slowed down about 185 and my arms got feeling back in them I hit a couple of decent shots. So, but what a great experience.
Tim was, he couldn't have been more of a gentleman and accepting of us out there, having fun. Oh, just beautiful. That takes the cake there. Having your members out and applause, that's, it was amazing. It was amazing day.

Q. When they announced your name on 1 and you were getting ready to hit it, was that as nervous as you had been?
KEITH REESE: It was, actually all the way probably through the 6th hole I was probably, I was so nervous it was hard to swing the club.
But it was a lot of fun. So I can see what these guys go through now. I can't imagine being in the lead in a Major, but I guess these guys have done it and that's what they do. But, wow, how difficult is that? I've seen how difficult it is now. To keep your composure and be able to hit shots.

Q. You're 43?

Q. So did you age four years to be eligible?
KEITH REESE: I did on the front side. Yeah. I'm 52 now.

Q. But you would imagine I'm sure what it would be like and you almost got to play in 2000. Now that you've done it, was it everything that you thought it would be and more?
KEITH REESE: Way beyond. Way beyond. To be able to play in this type of arena with the stands, and the members were unbelievable. Our members were out there and they were clapping at shots and I'm thinking, boy I never had anybody clap for my shots, what do I do. So it was really really neat. Everybody was so supportive and this was a great experience. Fantastic.

Q. (Inaudible.)
KEITH REESE: Probably 16. I hit my second shot in there about probably two and a half feet and made the putt.

Q. That good?
KEITH REESE: Yeah, that was probably the shot of the day for me.

Q. Natural birdie. Very nice. Is that your only birdie today?
KEITH REESE: No, I birdied 13. 13 and 16 on the back side and the rest pars on the back, so.

Q. And your least favorite hole today was?
KEITH REESE: I loved them all today. I loved them all. Didn't matter if I was making bogey or double, I loved them all.

Q. What's the biggest difference between playing as many times as you played this course your normal rounds and then playing it when the stand and the people are there?
KEITH REESE: Well, the main difference, the playing surface is actually a little different. The fairways are a little tighter, the greens obviously have a little more speed, so you have to be careful around the greens. The, and just you've got, you know, you got people watching every shot. So you feel like you have to hit a good shot.
And, but it's unbelievable. When the people, when the fans start clapping for your shots, it gives you such an unbelievable feeling. It's almost kind of just gets you going and pumps you up. So I can see now when guys really get on a roll and the fans get behind them and they have got a crowd I can see how they really start playing some good golf.

Q. Is it fair to say that that is the best 80 that you have ever shot?
KEITH REESE: Without a doubt the best 80 I've ever shot, yes. I was really grinding. My caddie, Kevin, man, we're going way over par, we got to start, we got to get this back and somehow on the back side it just fell together.

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