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May 29, 2011

Ken Martin


Q. Talk about your week, this is your first Major, and your experience here, talk about that.
KEN MARTIN: Well, just having a chance to get in a Major Championship finally in my life at 52 years old is, it's what all the work's for. You finally qualify, I had a chance to qualify, qualified, got in, made the cut on the number, struggled yesterday quite a bit with accuracy and paid the price.
And then was going along pretty good today and then lost it a little bit, miscued on a couple shots and finished not so well.
But overall, you can't, I can't have anything but great things, it's a, if there's a bucket list, this is on it, to get in a Major Championship. I've been playing since I was 13. So it's 40 years, basically. And my first Major Championship. So thrilling.

Q. So you're going to keep on trying?
KEN MARTIN: Oh, absolutely.

Q. Keep qualifying?
KEN MARTIN: Yeah, absolutely, every time I get a chance, you bet.

Q. Anything about today's round that stands out? You played the front nine really well.
KEN MARTIN: Yeah, I played it real well. Hit a super shot on 8, I hit it six, seven feet and missed it for birdie.
Made a nice par on 9.
And then I had a good solid par on 10.
And 11, missed it from three feet, bogeyed that one. Gave that one away.
Then I hit a great shot on 12, my gosh, 4-iron into that pin and hit it about probably nine feet past the hole. And just lipped it out.
So, and then laid the sod over it going down 13. So dump it in the water, make a double.
So it was kind of like I had a lot of opportunities, but didn't capitalize on the putting, which is normally my forte, if I have a strong suit it's putting, and unfortunately they didn't go in today. But at least I got the control back off the tee, so I was in the fairway most of the day. Most of the day. And then I felt like I had a chance hitting iron shots into the greens, so I gave myself a lot of chances today, which was good.

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