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May 28, 2011

Lee Rinker


Q. How did the round go today?
LEE RINKER: Well, my first nine it felt like I hit some good shots, but I just kind of got nothing out of it. And then I played a little better on the back. I shot a couple under on the back, which was the front nine, but anyway, felt pretty good, at least I hung in there. I was 4-over par kind of early and after through like 16 and ended up two. So not too bad.

Q. How was the course today? A lot of guys were kind of questioning the decision to play the ball up?
LEE RINKER: Well I had mud on my ball a lot. On the 12th hole I hit a 3-iron shot that had a lot of mud on the ball and the ball went dead right.
I mean it's pretty wet. I don't think you should be -- if you're getting mud on your ball every single time just about, which we were, I would say 80 to 90 percent of the time you had mud on your ball, I don't think you should be playing it down, but.

Q. Did that ever change from the time you started the round?
LEE RINKER: I would say that, yeah, later in the round it probably got a little, I mean like my last hole I didn't have any mud on the ball. On the front nine I hit two great irons into par-3s and my ball was clean. And then on 12 I hit an iron I thought I hit it solid and it went dead right. And you know, it's a hard enough golf course as it is and to be playing with mud all over your ball, and I made a double on 16 because I had mud, I had mud all over the ball. And I was hitting a 4-iron.
So I don't know, I thought they were a little -- what can you do? The course is really wet, the ball's only -- they're making huge ball marks, the fairways are. But yet the course is in great shape. They just had so much water on it, the course is in really good shape and it just was wet.

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