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May 28, 2011

Jim Woodward


Q. There's a lot of pitfalls on this golf course if you want them and otherwise you can hold it together and what was the secret to holding your round together?
JIM WOODWARD: I just didn't make any real bad swings today. The first two days I made some really bad swings and that cost me. Today I really didn't. That 6th hole, they can blow it up as far as I'm concerned. But other than that, I played just a pretty much flawless round.

Q. You saw all how the golf course has changed obviously when we went from lift, clean and place to now the no preferred lie and you had to have a different game plan probably?
JIM WOODWARD: You know, we were talking, my caddie and I today, I only got two mud balls. I got one on the fifth hole and one on the ninth hole. But really the golf course has dried out very, very well and I just as soon play it down. I don't like getting it in your hand. I know that sounds crazy but I just, let's find it, hit it, go find it and hit it again.

Q. 12 of the PGA club professionals made the cut for this championship, that's the most since 13 in 2002. So there's some good playing here among your fellow friends on the PGA of America.
JIM WOODWARD: Well, once you get to our age I think we're a little more competitive than say the younger guys against the Tour players.
We don't have to have all the length and we have still got a little game, as long as our bodies have held up. So I wouldn't say we're overall competitive still, but we can hold our own.

Q. There's probably a little pride involved in trying to do well in this event once you get to this point in a tournament?
JIM WOODWARD: Oh, any time you're representing the PGA of America, I mean any time we play in a Major you want to play good. Because you don't want somebody saying, well why are we giving them 35 spots because they're no good anyway. And I just don't want to hear that, you know.

Q. Talk about just the best part of the round for you today. Where do you think it occurred?
JIM WOODWARD: I got off to a fast start, which is great here.
I birdied 10, 11, I get through 12 with a par and then I birdie 13. It just, I got on a roll early and that helped. I made bogey on 14, but that's a tough pin today and I missed it right, which is stupid.
And then birdied 18.
So the hard holes, except for 6 I played pretty well and then the easier holes I took advantage of today.

Q. A little pitch back there how far was that par putt to save par on No. 9?
JIM WOODWARD: Oh, it was probably an 8-footer. As hard as I played I didn't want to mess around. I got a mud ball off the fairway and it hooked on me, but it's better left than right there and I knew it would be. So luckily I got it up-and-down. I don't want to bogey the last hole.

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