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May 28, 2011

Tom Lehman


Q. Yesterday you told me you weren't really happy with your position. Obviously you're a little bit better today. How do you like that?
TOM LEHMAN: Well I needed to have a good round and I had a good round, I needed -- it could have been better. I threw away a few.
But, yeah I really got in the groove for about 12 holes in there where I started just flagging every shot I hit and hit it close a lot.
And so I guess at the end of the day this is one of those days where you have to take away the positives. And you can't dwell on the fact that I let a bunch of shots get away.

Q. You said that you weren't really hitting the ball that well Thursday or Friday. Obviously today you found something?
TOM LEHMAN: Well for awhile I just, it was a bit erratic. I made three bogeys and I got off to a poor start and made a couple of bogeys and didn't really hit it great.
But then I started feeling better and started hitting it really good and then I hit a couple bad tee shots again and kind of lost the feel and finished like I started.
So my swing is just not a hundred percent, it's either really good or it's very infective at times.

Q. Take us through the six birdie streak if you would.
TOM LEHMAN: I hit it close a lot. I hit it about six feet on 9 with a 7-iron and made it.
Hit it about six feet on 10 with a sand wedge and made it.
About eight feet on 11 with a 7-iron and made it.
About six feet on the next hole with a 7-iron and made it.
Three feet on the next hole and made it.
And then hit it about a foot on the par-3.
So I just hit it really really good for a whole stretch of holes there.
The holes leading up to it, I hit it close for eagle on 7 and hit a great putt that lipped out.
Hit it close on 8 and hit a great putt that missed there too. So I had, from about the 7th hole through about the 15th hole, it was just as good as I can play.

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