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May 28, 2011

Stu Ingraham


Q. Playing in your first PGA Championship here this week.
STU INGRAHAM: First Senior PGA Championship, my 7th Major.

Q. And you made the cut, the low club pro going into today. Talk about your experience up to this point and a little about your round today?
STU INGRAHAM: Things were good the last two days. Today, between my allergies and my feet being sore, I had nothing today. I really just didn't have it.
I was very tired, I can hardly see right now my eyelids are so bad. It got me with two holes to play yesterday and it got me with about six holes to play today. But the course is good, we just didn't play very well.

Q. What about playing the ball down, did that seem to have any affect?
STU INGRAHAM: I think they made a bad decision there. I like to see the ball down too, but I hit two shots today that looked like wounded ducks today.
Plus the other reason why is I personally think they should never change the winter rules or preferred lies to summer rules during the tournament. Ever. Ever. Because people -- in fact about three times today we almost made a mistake going down and doing that. Just from a procedural standpoint. I don't know what the advantage is to play the ball down, based on what that ruling is, but that's their choice.

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