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May 27, 2011

Hale Irwin


Q. Talk about your day. How hard is the turned around on a day like this?
HALE IRWIN: Well, there was virtually no turn around. We literally walked from the ninth green this morning, went upstairs, took care of some personal business, and walked to the tee. And that was essentially our turn around time.
So, yeah, it's a slogging walk, particularly this afternoon because we were in a twosome. Sandy Lyle withdrew and he had some bad allergies.
So you try to pace yourself, but you're still waiting on almost every shot. And I'm one week from 66 and I don't feel like playing 28 holes a day. But here we are.
Fortunately, I played it very, very well for the 36 holes I played. I'm not striking the ball great, but I'm hitting enough good shots to give myself some opportunities. And I converted on quite a few of those and made a couple of nice long bombs and here we are. So I'm very happy with the results.

Q. Birdie on 18. Nice way to finish. You like that hole, don't you?
HALE IRWIN: I seem to, yes. There's a lot of holes out here that I like. It's -- I never seen anything but this weather here, so it's hard to know what it plays like when it's dry. It might be a whole different golf course. But now in the six competitive round I've had here it's groundhog day all over again.

Q. It's been good to you though.
HALE IRWIN: Oh, no complaints. I'm a little tired right at the moment. So maybe if we could do this somewhere on a nice couch with things to eat and drink. But, you know, I think that there's obviously some birdies to be made out there with ball in hand.
I'm not long by any means, in fact I'm probably one of the shorter hitters out there, so it shows you can play this course without hitting the ball tremendously long distances. But at the same time it would sure be nice to get out there and have a few middle irons and short irons, rather than some of these 3-woods and hybrid clubs I've been hitting into some of these holes. It makes for a very long golf course.
But I think that truly the kick start this afternoon was I hit a very weak drive on 1 and hit a 3-wood about three feet from the hole.
And then I knocked it stiff at 2 for a birdie, so right out of the box with two birdies really quickly. So that really set up some scrambling pars.

Q. How important is it for you guys to get some rest. A lot of guys are going to be out until dark and they're going to have to finish up tomorrow.
HALE IRWIN: Well I, if I had to be in one of those groups, I would rather be in their group. Simply because they kind of know what's in front of them. Yesterday it was the wait game. The wait game is just a killer. You can't go back to the hotel, you can't sleep, you can't, you don't know what you're going to do.
At least now you can get a mindset saying, no, I'm going play until dark and I know I'm going to come back at this point in time. And then you tee off at 6:25, is that right? 6:25 yesterday, for your round of golf, it makes it a long time.

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