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May 27, 2011

Nick Price


Q. Tell us how it was today.
NICK PRICE: Great. Course is still pretty soft. It is drying out a little. Obviously a little bit of breeze and also we haven't had any rain. But I think it's going to be pretty wet the whole weekend. It's going to be hard for them to get in there with the mowers and mow them. And so it's sloppy.
I mean the greens are great. Really. You wouldn't think it rained at all when you putt on the greens. But the course is playable, obviously. I mean any time we get the ball in the hand and you can place it, it does make it a little easier and I'm sure that accounts to probably three or four shots over the first two days.
But I don't think there's any other way that they're going to -- they can't play the ball down now because every hole you're getting mud on it. So the precision that you need to play this golf course, you really need a clean golf ball. So, but that, I think that's why the scores are as good as they are, because I was surprised to see them.

Q. Talk about your round.
NICK PRICE: This morning I played really well. I came out this morning and it was cold and I think that I shot 3-under on the front nine, which was my back nine to finish off my first round.
And then I got off to a kind of a poor start this afternoon, bogeyed the first hole, but then played really well from there on through to number 17 and only really bad tee shot I hit all day was on 17 and I think there was a little bit of fatigue in there. But all in all a really good day. Happy to birdie the last hole.

Q. (Inaudible.)
NICK PRICE: It won't be so bad, but I've been nursing a bad back and I've really been too scared to do any kind of exercise the last two weeks. So I basically just sat down and took it very easy, just trying to rest my back. And it seems to have worked. But of course I haven't done a whole lot of work.
So I knew today was going to be a tough day and I knew I was going to be tired at the end, but if I had to play another four or five holes I could probably do it.

Q. How much of a charge is it going into the weekend when you start near the top of the leaderboard?
NICK PRICE: I always say this, any time you really want to be at the top is on Sunday. Anything else is just practice. You're just out there jockeying for position, basically the first three days to put yourself in a position to have a chance to win the tournament. So, but I played really well. And I didn't back off today. I just kept hitting good shots and then the putter worked good. So all in all I'm happy.

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