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May 27, 2011

Gene Fieger


Q. Playing in your first Senior PGA Championship. Just shot 74. Looks like you're going to make the cut. Talk about your experience so far.
GENE FIEGER: Well, the weather's certainly been a challenge for us in this tournament and the superintendent, they have done a great job.
Just tried to drive it in the fairway, if you didn't drive it in the fairway you had a tough time, the rough is very, very difficult because of how wet it is.
But I just tried to shoot par both days and tried to make the cut and see what I can do on the weekend.

Q. Now did you notice any difference in the play between the first round and second round? Is the course getting dryer?
GENE FIEGER: Well it's definitely getting a little dryer. Yesterday was extremely, extremely wet because we went out right after the rain at five o'clock. So it's getting a little dryer. But it's going to take a lot of wind and a lot of sun to dry it out reasonably noticeably different.

Q. What about, they did lengthen the course back a little bit, played over 7,000 yards today, was that a noticeable difference?
GENE FIEGER: There's three or four holes that are incredibly long. 6, 15, 16, they're just driver and rescues or 2 or 3-irons. I mean they're just -- and that's the teeth of the golf course.
There's some holes that are, you know, it didn't play that much longer than it did yesterday, there was a little less wind today. But it's a hard golf course. But it's fair and it's hopefully I'll do okay on the weekend.

Q. Any expectations, any goals?
GENE FIEGER: No. You know what? Look, I'm plus three, it would be nice to finish under par. If you hit, make some putts you never know what happens. But you want to chip away at the overs and try to get to under par before the end of the week. And then it's something to be proud of.

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