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May 27, 2011

Kenny Perry


Q. Talk about your first holes this morning and how you ended up.
KENNY PERRY: I got off, yeah, got off to a great start. Played 4-under on the eight holes to finish my first 18 to shoot 3-under.
And then I hit a drop kick duck hook off the first tee, kind of the nemesis of what I've been fighting against for the past year and a half and it kind of put me in a little shell shock there and I just struggled from then on all day.
I just never had any rhythm. I played beautifully for the first eight holes, I take a 20 minute break -- I told Tom Lehman all I did was go in and eat three pieces of ham. I don't think I should eat ham anymore.
But it was okay. I had my chances, I didn't putt very well. I had some good opportunities, so I'm even par, hopefully they don't run away too far today, to where maybe I can shoot a good round tomorrow and get back into it for Sunday.

Q. Can you explain how that happens, how you go from playing nine holes in 4-under and then you turn around and play the same nine holes six shots worse a little bit later?
KENNY PERRY: That's golf, isn't it? I mean you've done it, I know, so.
(Laughter.) That's the way it goes.

Q. Anything that you can put your finger on? You mentioned getting out of sorts and out of rhythm on the thirsty?
KENNY PERRY: I had major problems, the club's dropping inside on me, that's why it touches down early and I hit it fat. So I revert back to some old swing habits that I had for the past year and a half, and that's what I'm fighting to try to, what we're working on to get away from it.

Q. What about the seven and a half hours that you played today, did that affect you at all?
KENNY PERRY: No, actually I felt good the last nine holes. I really did. I had a lot of energy, felt good. I think being cool out there helped us all. I think if it would have been 80 or 90 degrees like it can be here, we would have been struggling.

Q. Was it still as wet as it was yesterday?
KENNY PERRY: Yes, very sloppy out there.

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