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May 27, 2011

Olin Browne


KELLY ELBIN: Olin Browne, ladies and gentlemen, in with 2-under par 70 in the second round of the 72nd Senior PGA Championship presented by KitchenAid. Olin is at 138, 6-under par through two rounds. Olin, you've hit 26 of 28 fairways so far, I guess if you keep the ball in play off the tee here you have a chance to score pretty well. Nice playing.
OLIN BROWNE: Thank you. Yeah, you're not going to get it very close on these greens out of the rough. And I hadn't realized actually that I had hit that many fairways, but the two I missed, I missed them wildly too. So I made up for it.
KELLY ELBIN: You had 3 birdies and a bogey today. Could you go through those, please.
OLIN BROWNE: Teed off on 10. Made birdie on 10 from about five feet. It's nice way to start the day after finishing up early this morning.
I birdied 16 for the second time this week, which is like double bonus points, I think. Right? That hole's playing really long. The ball is not rolling anywhere and my ball's carrying as far as it's carrying and then I'm hitting my hybrid on the green there and I happened to make a really nice putt.
Missed some opportunities, but capitalized on a couple and made a couple of nice par putts two.
I made another birdie on number 3 on the front nine. I hit a 5-iron there to about 18 feet or so. It was probably my best putt of the week. Well the one on 16 was pretty good too. So I made two nice putts today.
I made a nice par putt on the last hole. Hit it over the green in two and didn't make a very good chip but managed to get the putt to drop. It's a little fatiguing out there today. Normally walking 26 or 27 holes isn't that big a deal, but the hills out here are pretty significant and the ground is soaking wet. So we're doing a lot of weaving and moving around to avoid the really wet spots.
But I think the course is holding up pretty well, all things considered, and hopefully there's no more rain in the forecast, so we'll be able to play this thing.
KELLY ELBIN: How many holes did you play before you had to play your full second round?
OLIN BROWNE: We played 8 this morning to finish off yesterday's round.
KELLY ELBIN: Open it up for questions for Olin Browne.

Q. You talked about 16 how it's a bonus to get the birdie there. How many shots do you feel like you steal from the field with a birdie on 16?
OLIN BROWNE: Well, I don't know what the scoring average on that hole is, but the hole is, it's an awkward tee shot and you have to hit a good tee shot. If you do that then you've got a really challenging second.
And I birdied it yesterday and again today so I'm feeling like that's a real bonus, that's at least a shot on the field. Maybe more. Maybe a shot and a half.

Q. Can you talk about you started the year with I think five or six Top-10s in a row and then the last two tournaments you haven't been in the Top-25, but did you feel confident coming in with your game and where it was?
OLIN BROWNE: I had a really nice start to the year with the five top-10s and just doing everything competently, nothing perfectly. And that's why I finishing fourth or fifth or sixth or the seventh instead of challenging for the tournament.
But had a little lull there for a couple of weeks and went and saw my instructor, Jim Hardy and we did some work the weekend before Colonial. I went and played Colonial last week and didn't play very well, but things really gelled a little bit early in the week here.
I feel like I'm hitting my irons nicely. I'm driving it straight, not real far but the ball's just not going far out here. But I feel like I'm hitting a lot of quality iron shots, so I'm giving myself some good opportunities.

Q. Do you have somewhat of an advantage being finished today, guys that are out there now and some that might only get five or six holes in and have to play tomorrow in the morning or whatever?
OLIN BROWNE: Well I don't think the weather's supposed to be bad the rest of the day, so I think almost everybody's going to get done today. In fact, those guys had a tough day yesterday where they were stopping and starting and hanging around all day long. And we all knew that we weren't going to play all of our holes, if at all yesterday, so I was glad to get any in.
But playing 26 holes today on this course my legs are a little tired right now. I'm going to go do some work in the trailer and rest up. And I think actually if the guys get done today, especially if they're playing well, they will be at an advantage because they will only have played two 18s instead of extra holes on one particular day.

Q. Do you think, I don't know how much the course will really dry out the next two days, but do you think by Sunday afternoon that fatigue could be an issue?
OLIN BROWNE: Oh, absolutely. Absolutely. The course is drying out. It's remarkable how much it's drying out. If you go out and look at the river, the stream that's out there, it's down four feet from where it was yesterday. Especially on 6 where the bridge is I think almost exposed on 6 again. But it was up almost to the upper stairs.
Fatigue will be a factor. Fatigue's going to be a factor in this event anyway because the course has a lot of hills to it and it's soft. But I'm impressed with how well it's draining. There was casual water virtually everywhere yesterday and I took one casual drop today I think. Which is a big difference.
The ground, you can feel it firming up. I played with Chien-Soon Lu the first two rounds and his ball was actually -- he was playing kind of a chaser draw today and he actually got some balls to bounce forward, so I think they're in places firming up.
KELLY ELBIN: Talk about coming back to Valhalla where were you an assistant captain to Paul in 2008 and the memories of that and then having the opportunity to come back here and participate in the event this week.
OLIN BROWNE: Yeah, that was a lot of fun. I didn't hit a shot that week, even though I brought my clubs. Paul and Raymond and Dave Stockton and I were having too much fun tooling around on the golf course in souped-up carts and watching what was happening. And it was a great, it was a great week.
The PGA of America did such a stupendous job setting up, Kerry Haigh setting up the golf course. Paul really set a tone for the week and everybody bought into it.
And the fans, I don't know if any of you guys were here during that event, but when we went down to the pep rally the night before, I mean it was just like going to a football game. And it was one of my fondest memories in golf and I will always appreciate and be grateful to Paul for having invited me to be a part of that team.

Q. How many miles per hour would those carts go?
OLIN BROWNE: I don't know, but by Sunday afternoon it felt like 50. It was pretty intense.
I was reminiscing with a couple of guys, Kenny Perry was in my, I had that pod, Kenny and Jim Furyk and Bubba or I mean Boo Weekley and J.B. Holmes. And I was marvelling at where J.B. was hitting some of his tee shots. Just the guy hits it so far it's not, it's just ridiculous.
And I don't know if you guys remember, but the shot that he made on 17, we're playing the up, up tees and I hit a good tee shot and hit 7-iron in there today. And he had 74 yards to that almost identical pin, maybe just a few paces left of where we were today, from the back, back tee, which is another, I don't know, 70 yards away.
So, and it's just, it's staggering. It's staggering. But it was a really entertaining week. I know the fans had a great time and I know the team really enjoyed it as well.
KELLY ELBIN: Olin Browne in at 6-under par, thank you very much.
OLIN BROWNE: Thank you.

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