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May 27, 2011

Ken Green


Q. Talk about your day.
KEN GREEN: It is amazing how this game can get you. I played just like a stupid -- well the back's much harder, there was three holes I couldn't even get home. So you start thinking, maybe I can shoot 75 and, you know, maybe end up making the cut. And then it just, boom, boom, boom. It just -- that's what this game does. It snowballs sometimes and it's just like, wow.

Q. Talk about your last hole, a par for 79. Were you thinking about with that?
KEN GREEN: Yeah. Oh, no, I knew about it. It's unfortunate that I had a bad yardage, but that happens. It wasn't done on purpose.

Q. (Inaudible.)
KEN GREEN: Yeah, since the accident my temperature has changed like probably 15 degrees in terms of, I used to like the cold, and now cold just rips through me.

Q. How much fun was it out there?
KEN GREEN: It was good. I hit good solid shots and it was fun. And then you start thinking, wow, you know, I -- I knew the back side was way too hard for me, but I was thinking 3-over maybe and shoot a decent score and it was -- I mean, it's amazing how the -- you start getting excited. That's what golf does.
That's part of the reason I keep still trying to play is to have those kind of moments and those kind of feelings.
And then on the reverse side it's the complete total just, wow, I mean it hurts as much as it's ever hurt to have something just fall apart. It's cold.

Q. How do you feel about this afternoon? It's going to be a long day.
KEN GREEN: Well, you know, I didn't think I would make 36 holes when I started and I will certainly go out there and fight and try. And if it gets awful, it gets awful. But I'll fight through it.
And I had goals all day. That's my life right now. And I'll keep, you know, because there's always that, you want to shoot a good score. And I want to try to get revenge on this back side here. But that's what -- you have to come up with reasons to keep doing it, otherwise you don't do it.

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