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May 27, 2011

Olin Browne


Q. Minus four puts you in the top three. You had a really good day today?
OLIN BROWNE: Finished off nicely yesterday. I made a bad par on 7 and a stupid bogey on 8.
But then I birdied 9 and 10 to end the day, which really left me in a good frame of mind.
And today I came out and hit a couple of decent shots early, didn't really threaten anything. Missed a very makeable birdie on 15, but then I -- well sorry, yeah, 15.
Then I birdied 16 and 17, which was great. Birdieing 16 is like a huge bonus. So really pleased with the way I finished off the round.

Q. Have you noticed much of a change in the course yesterday from today?
OLIN BROWNE: The wind is not up as much as it was yesterday. It was kind of up-and-down yesterday. It was quite a bit warmer, so the ball was traveling a lot farther yesterday. So you had to take that into account, factor that in hitting shots.
But everybody who is playing out here, we have all done it before, so, you just got to make yourself think clearly and once you hit a couple of good shots and get into the flow, it's, it validates your thought process. So it wasn't hard to get adjusted today.

Q. The course drying out some?
OLIN BROWNE: Not yet. It's still lots of casual water and kind of misting off and on out there, but I expect if the wind kicks up and the forecast holds true for the next few days we'll get some better conditions.

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