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August 13, 2000

Lorie Kane


LAURA NEAL: We'll open it up to questions.

Q. You said you were struggling with your driver today?

LORIE KANE: When I say I'm struggling with my driver, I was pretty much struggling with my tempo overall. For me, it starts with that club and works its way through. And I really felt I was chipping and putting well. And you have to do that here, because the greens are small, and you're going to miss a few greens. But my tempo was not there. And where I was able to really get it around and manage it yesterday, I wasn't able to do that today.

Q. Did it set the tone, Lorie, on 1?

LORIE KANE: You know, I hit that drive solid, very solid. I just thought I had enough to carry over that little bit of rough there -- and I shouldn't say a little bit of rough, because it was a lot of rough. And it just seemed that any time I missed the fairway, I had no shot. And that's -- that was kind of the way it went.

Q. When did it sink in with you, or maybe it didn't, but was there a point where you said: This is not working?

LORIE KANE: I possibly had thoughts of that when I hit it out-of-bounds, and -- but I kept fighting. I said, "There's four or five more holes left, and I could still birdie in." And I did everything I could to try to do that.

Q. What happened on that shot on 10, the tee shot?


Q. Yes.

LORIE KANE: I birdied 10. It was 14. Well, I popped -- I hit the tee shot before that out to the right, and so the next one is going to go left. And that's exactly where it went.

Q. Can you describe for us, Lorie, the highs and lows that you have gone through the last seven days, particularly maybe the last two or three days?

LORIE KANE: It's been wonderful. It's been absolutely incredible. The fanfare, the support. Frankly, I got tired of reading newspapers or looking at newspapers and watching TV, and the only channels I watch are the sports channels, and every one, I appeared on. I watched National Geographic one night, because I was tired of hearing about myself. I can't tell you how exciting it's been to be able to be part of this week. And I was writing the story, I just didn't get the ending.

Q. Were emotions a factor today?

LORIE KANE: No. That was the thing. I was feeling as pumped up and as positive as I was last week. I just wasn't able to put my swing behind that. And after a while, it's a real grind, and it was tough out there. It's a major championship. But the one thing I did have with me were my wits, and I wasn't panicked. I just couldn't put the face of the club on the ball.

Q. Lorie, in the final analysis, is this sort of -- that's golf. You had a 67. You sort of gutted out a one-under yesterday, and as you said today, there are elements of your round where you had it -- parts of your game going, but 76 --?

LORIE KANE: That is golf. And I said that out on the golf course. That's golf. I chip in on 17, like: Why do we make it so difficult? And it just happens. That's this game. Nobody owns it. You have some parts and you don't have others. And maybe when I shot the 67, I had it all together, but even then I got my fair share of breaks. And today I never got any. So I chalk it up to just one of those days.

Q. How do you feel about this being your last chance at a du Maurier Classic?

LORIE KANE: I'm very sad right now. Coming up on the green and seeing everybody there, particularly Jocelyne and Gail and Nancy -- Gail Graham, that is. And the du Maurier has been very important to all of us. And then to come across Don Brown on my way up to the scoring tent. I told you, I wanted to give this to them. And I tried, and it just didn't work out. But it's a sad day for not only Canadians, but the LPGA Tour. Because without a stop in Canada, we're pretty much the world tour, and I'm going to be a very sad Canadian to know that we can't somehow find a way to have a tournament here.

Q. You talked about on the last putt would be made, this would all be gone. You made the last putt.

LORIE KANE: I made the last putt. And the whole time, I was thinking about that, standing over it. And I had a tear coming down my face. And I said, "You've got to put the ball in the hole, and then carry on." And as Don said, life goes on, and we keep moving. And what du Maurier and through the Series program and the Classic and everything I learned this week, I'm going to be a better person and a better player for it. I'm going to have more kicks at majors, and I'm going to be better prepared because of what I experienced here. And I'm looking forward to the next time I get a chance at that.

Q. You were kidding about being tired of seeing yourself all over the place. Is it any consolation to know that I assume the crowds out here have got to be record crowds? I've never seen this before.

LORIE KANE: Well, that's what it's about. And that's -- we needed to bring people out to watch. And maybe me being the token Canadian at the top of the board was an encouraging thing to bring people out. Again, it started today. Every tee shot I hit, I was greeted at every tee. I was greeted through the fairway. I was greeted at the greens, for 18 holes, for five hours of congratulations. "Lorie, keep it going, hang in there." And that makes me a very proud Canadian to know that they can come out and support a fellow Canadian in trying to win a golf tournament.

Q. How difficult was it when I noticed Jocelyne hugged you on the first tee, and just knowing how important this tournament is to her?

LORIE KANE: I was glad Jocelyne was there. In fact, I was looking for her before I hit my tee shot, because she'd been there every other tee shot I hit this week. She understands that we're doing the best that we can. She's so encouraging. She only wants the best for us. I knew what was at stake, and I just didn't finish it. It's as simple as that.

Q. Was the last putt planned at all? You looked like you couldn't finish it.

LORIE KANE: I couldn't finish it, though, because I was just a little bit too -- not there to tap that in.

Q. Lorie, about playing with Annika. I doubt to a person in the room, people would have said you both struggled the way you did.

LORIE KANE: We were talking to each other, when we made the turn, we looked at each other and laughed. I said, "I'll play you for a Coke on the back 9 or something to get us going." Because it's so unusual, because Annika is not the type of player that -- we both struggled. It's plain and simple. There's no other way to say it. I don't see her playing another round of golf like that anytime soon, nor do I see myself. It's tough when both of us are doing that, and the birdies we have. Again, if I go back to the word "momentum," we kind of ruined it on the next hole.

Q. Are you playing next week in Britain?

LORIE KANE: To be honest with you, I'm going to sit on that tonight and see how I feel. Coming up 18 and right at this point in time, I'm pretty tired. I have a huge event to host at home with the Skins Game, and then I want to come out and finish the season off on the right note and win some more golf tournaments. So I want to go to the British. I don't want to miss that. They're playing a golf course that I'm excited about, but we'll just wait and see. Again, you guys have been absolutely --.

Q. Any words to Corporate Canada?


Q. Yes.

LORIE KANE: The same plea I've been making all week, and that is: I look forward to seeing a tape of this telecast, because somebody in Corporate Canada has to benefit from this number of people coming out and watching an event. And again, I thank you guys. You've been awesome. The coverage has been wonderful. Corporate Canada doesn't hear about this unless you guys write it and talk about it, so thanks.

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