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May 26, 2011

Mike Diffley


Q. Talk about the course today.
MIKE DIFFLEY: Oh the course is amazing. It's amazing how difficult it is. It's hard to believe you can play after all that rain last night and the other day and today.
The greens, I can't imagine what they're like when it's dry and firm, it's so incredible. They're undulating and all that, but I played well.
Because it's so wet there's no roll off the ball, but it was fun. I'm enjoying myself. I came here to have a good time and I'm having a good time. I played pretty good. I got off to a good start.

Q. Do you want to do a review of your round?
MIKE DIFFLEY: I birdied the first hole so that was awesome. And then I got, I bogeyed and then I got another birdie so I was 1-under a couple times. I got in a little trouble right when the horn went off at 10. I could feel the wind and it kind of disrupted me a little bit, not the horn but the wind.
And then I went out right afterward and I made a double bogey on my 8th hole, 17, that put me a few over.
But then I settled down and I played pretty good coming in. I think if I putted -- I missed some short putts and if I would have made a few putts, but I just missed by, the speed and the quality of these greens are phenomenal and it's kind of like it's just perfect, but it was a great day and I'm going to have a better one tomorrow, I'm sure.

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