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May 26, 2011

Ted Schultz


Q. What was it like out there today?
TED SCHULZ: Tough. It was a long day. Wet. The course was very difficult. It was soft and they played some up tees. The greens were great. They're fast, you miss a fairway, you're going to struggle. That was the whole trouble today is where I missed the fairway.
I missed three fairway, hit all the other ones and the holes I drove it well I did well, the holes I didn't drive it well I struggled.

Q. The weather delay, how much did that affect you and how much just in general did the course being so wet affect you?
TED SCHULZ: Well, yeah, both. It does. But you have to deal with it. So you just go play and I'm pleased with my score. Even par 72. So even though I bogeyed the first hole so I was happy to get back to even par.

Q. If you would have been told before the round you would have shot even par today, what would you have said?
TED SCHULZ: I don't know. Before the round that may not sound so good, but after it got started it was pretty good, so. Yeah.

Q. So the round is complete and in the books it puts you in a pretty solid position. You're six off the lead, with these conditions, given all that, is even par a good score today?
TED SCHULZ: I don't know. I'm on the first group. So it was for me. I thought I played hard. I had to get up-and-down some. Who knows. Somebody's 6-under, they're playing awfully well. Because it's just a lot of splatting going on out there. There's just, it's pretty wet.

Q. A lot of people talked about the 6th hole being the most difficult, but it hasn't turned out so far today, the 16th is the one that has had the most bogeys. And you also bogeyed 15, didn't you?
TED SCHULZ: Bogeyed both of them.

Q. Yeah, what was difficult about 16 that maybe cost you?
TED SCHULZ: I drove it in the left rough. So I was, I had to make a 5-footer for bogey there. I was over there in the rough and behind a tree, I couldn't get it on the green. I hit my little hybrid out down there and it didn't roll because it hit a puddle. And now I'm in a downhill lie and in casual water and I had to hit it out of there. And I barely -- I didn't get on the green.
That's what can happen to you. You get in a little problem and it compounds itself. The golf course is already hard enough and the conditions make it that much tougher. It's hard to get up-and-down. It's a long hole, it's playing left-to-right and into the wind, which makes it very difficult.
And 6 is the same way, playing into the wind, it's just hard to hit that green. I hit a perfect drive there and still missed the green.

Q. Did it play differently before the rain than after?
TED SCHULZ: I would say so. Yeah, this is the most water I've ever played in in my life on a golf course. You didn't get any roll at all. I mean it just hit. The rain, the hard part, the hardest part was trying to hit your approach shots, because you didn't know how they were going to come out of there, because you're hitting out of water. That was the hardest part.

Q. What did you do during the down time?
TED SCHULZ: Go home. I went home. What did I do during it? Oh, well, you know, I went and had some lunch and sat around and then we came out and warmed up again. Chipped and putted and hit balls again. And I went back out.

Q. (Inaudible.)
TED SCHULZ: Yeah, I guess. So, but I finished okay, so it's very hard to stop and then start up again, so but the other guys had to do it too, so.

Q. The crew did a pretty good job getting this course playable, do you think?
TED SCHULZ: I think. So absolutely. Yeah. They did a great job.

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