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May 26, 2011

Jeff Overton


THE MODERATOR: We would like to welcome our current leader, 6-under par, 64, Jeff Overton. Talk about your comfort level on this golf course and about your round today.
JEFF OVERTON: It was a crazy day, definitely it's nice having confidence because of last year. I knew I played well. I just wanted to keep things rolling and made a good par save my second hole, and then somehow I made a -- like I hit an awesome two shots and almost made it from the middle of the fairway, but I had a twelve-footer that broke a lot and I thought I missed it, and it actually went in, and it seems like the first time I've seen a putt go in in four weeks of this stretch I've been on.
And next thing, I was able to hit a lot of great shots and strike out early. I never had a chance of making bogey from there.

Q. Just wondered, you know, a lot of guys talk about the course, they like it, don't like it, back and forth. Obviously you found something you like here on this golf course. Talk about that. Also everybody knows about the hail damage from the other day, what do you think about the course today?
JEFF OVERTON: The golf course, definitely there is some quirky stuff to it, and it makes it hard. I think that makes it set up better for somebody that's a good ball striker. Like I said, I hit the driver extremely well, hit a lot of fairways, put the Cleveland driver in play a couple of months ago and hit it well.
When you get that lift into place you're able to hit it closer because you can dictate what your lie is going to do and make the ball do "X" and "Y", but as far as the greens go, they're definitely bumpy, especially late in the day, but my hats off to the crew here that got the golf course ready. I saw a picture of the 18th on Wednesday morning, and I was like, holy cow, how are we going to play? It was like you were on Mars and you saw a bunch of craters, and some weird -- I don't know how to explain it, but I really thought they did a great job getting it ready. It's not every hole, seems like there are five that are extremely bad, but even that the greens have held up really well.

Q. Jeff, each week there seems to be a side of the draw that favors whether you go off in the morning or the afternoon. Given the scores this afternoon, are you at a distinct advantage?
JEFF OVERTON: The golf course can play extremely long, especially when the ball is not rolling out, I noticed in the Pro-Am I thought it was nearly impossible because with 16 if you don't get at least a hop, 15 plays like a driver/2-iron a little into the wind. I think definitely this afternoon the course dried up and it was great for scoring, however I think in the morning the greens are probably better to putt on, so I think you can go either way with it.
Definitely for whatever reason it seemed like scores were lower in the afternoon, but I can see your point.

Q. Jeff, did you get any mud on the ball during the round? Can you see a reason for having this in place?
JEFF OVERTON: I really did not get that much mud on the ball, no.

Q. Sometimes you get a round kind of out of the blue, sometimes you feel like you got a round that's comin'. Did you see a 64 comin' for you today or is this one that snuck up on you?
JEFF OVERTON: I hope this is the beginning of a good streak for me. I've been hitting it really well the last three or four weeks, just have not made my putts all year. It's a game of putting. If you can make your putts inside of 10 feet and hit it reasonably well, you're going to have a good chance of winning the golf tournament at the end of week. I've had some good shots the last couple of weeks, and all year I've made almost every single cut except for the one that my driver broke, and other than that I have made every cut.
I haven't been able to get those 12 to 15-footers to go in, and that one hot round separates yourself from -- finishing in the top-five versus way back in the pack. So hopefully it's a break-through round, and I can carry it over.

Q. With being able to fix the marks on the greens and the lift, clean and place, it seems like added things to think about. Does that affect the pace of play?
JEFF OVERTON: Yeah, the first nine holes I think we waited on every shot, first 11 holes I think we waited on every shot, then after that it moved on. We didn't understand why; it's a full field. In the afternoon that was dictating things, too, but I think it was a good call to play lift, clean and place, more reasons than anything because there was still hail damage in the fairways, and you get balls that sit down a little bit, this gives the mowers an extra day or two to roll out any of the kinks that might be there.
THE MODERATOR: Jeff, thanks for coming by.

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