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May 26, 2011

Chris Riley


Q. 4-under today, 66, tell me about the day and how it worked out for you.
CHRIS RILEY: I started off real good, I had three birdies early and I really just made pars after that.
But I've been struggling, so 66 is good.

Q. Tell me about the birdies.
CHRIS RILEY: I hit it real close on 2, a 5-iron to about 2 and a half, three feet, and then on 4 I hit it in there about 6 feet and then on 5 I hit an 8-iron to about 6 feet. So I was 3-under early and then made one birdie coming in.

Q. Has that what's been lacking this year?
CHRIS RILEY: This year, the last five years I haven't putted like I used to, and I know I'm capable of, and it's frustrating, and I don't know if it's with age or what, but I putt like a normal TOUR player now instead of, like, an unconscious TOUR player like I used to.

Q. How has that been for you?
CHRIS RILEY: Confusing. You know you can do something, and then you're searching and -- it really comes down to mental now. It's in there somewhere but you got to get it out.

Q. Just keep practicing it?
CHRIS RILEY: Keep doing, believing, keep making putts, keep trying.

Q. Are you switching putters at all or --
CHRIS RILEY: I just went back to the putter I used in the Ryder Cup, and I'm either going to go down with it or I'm going to go back up.

Q. Really?

Q. So you've made the changes you can --
CHRIS RILEY: Yeah, the fat, slim grip, the crazy putter, I haven't tried the belly or the long. I'll be 38 this year and I just can't do it.

Q. Yeah.
CHRIS RILEY: It is what it is, I'm just trying to have fun.

Q. How is the golf course?
CHRIS RILEY: Awesome. I really like this course because it doesn't favor the bombers, because there are two par 5s, and I can get to one of 'em -- actually I can get to both of 'em. So it's a pretty even playing field.

Q. And that makes it better?
CHRIS RILEY: Yeah, for me.

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