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May 26, 2011

Kenneth Ferrie


KENNETH FERRIE: I was quite surprised when we came in the last few holes, looked at the leaderboard, a couple of people at 5-under, Luke and Colin, but 2-under is a good score. Anything around par is good, as every hole, every hole out there is a bogey chance and there's not many birdies, either.
So you have to play well and hit some good shots.

Q. You had plenty of birdies, yet it was that little bit up-and-down.
KENNETH FERRIE: Just that way, I don't think anybody will go bogey-free out there. Whereas over the last few years, although before last year, 12 was a chance, 17 and 18 were chances.
Just, not struggling to make pars, but they are par holes now, and obviously the 12th is a par 4. So it's a very good test and obviously the weather makes it even harder.

Q. We should concentrate a little on 18, because you finished it in style and that is one that has been changed not only last year but changed again for this year.
KENNETH FERRIE: That's obviously one of the changes I think that most people thought needed to be done and they have done a good job of it. I still prefer personally -- I personally prefer it as a reachable par 5 for the crowd, and there's a bit more oohs and aahs. You won't get many guys going at it, downwind today, you can't hold the green. For me it's not one of the better changes, but the changes from last year are good, a lot more playable.

Q. I guess it will depends on circumstance, but presumably more people will be tempted to go for it now.
KENNETH FERRIE: Yeah, there's definitely more room to land, and it's not so punishing if you miss on the right-hand side which is where you are going to hit it. But I'll be playing it as a three-shotter, rescue off the tee today. I don't want to hit driver and be tempted again. I was tempted twice last year. I made a mess of it both times so it was a three-shotter for me.

Q. Thank you for the shelter under your umbrella. I think you've timed this well, haven't you?
KENNETH FERRIE: Well, I'd like to say I had -- no, I wouldn't like to say I had something to do with it. The rest of the guys are very happy, but literally as we tapped in, the rain started so maybe it is a good time.

Q. The wind is picking up and presumably your score will stand the test of time, won't it?
KENNETH FERRIE: I think so. Like I say, if it wasn't Luke at 5-under you could argue maybe that could lead at the end of the day; it is that tough. But obviously Luke is playing fantastically. It will be in the Top-10 no doubt. It's a nice start to the tournament.

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