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May 26, 2011

Bradley Dredge


Q. I take it that has to be one of your best ever around here.
BRADLEY DREDGE: I think that's my lowest score here. Very pleased with that.

Q. How did you achieve it?
BRADLEY DREDGE: Kept the ball in play really well and made some par saves to keep the round going, and only made the one bogey on 17, which is disappointing dropping down there, but one bogey today and I'm delighted with that.

Q. Surprised?
BRADLEY DREDGE: Well, sort of, yeah, in a way, it's never been my best golf course or my best hunting ground around here. But I've been playing, gradually getting better and better. I felt as though I was showing some signs of that sort of round. I've still got to go for another three days.

Q. I seem to recall there was a Top-10 once upon a time but it has not been the best of hunting grounds, has it.
BRADLEY DREDGE: Yeah, I've just been -- sort of this year, sort of around 20th sort of positions, a few of those. So it's been okay, but not exactly what I want to do.

Q. And here, does it make a difference, the changes wrought by Ernie Els, and indeed, the extra changes over 8 and 18 for this time?
BRADLEY DREDGE: Yeah, I think the initial changes I think were 80 per cent -- I think would say an 80 per cent improvement on the previous greens.
The surfaces are far better and with regards to some of the slopes, as I said I think 80 per cent of the changes are very good and they have addressed obviously the 18th and the 8th.
For me, I still see 18 as a three-shotter, I'm afraid, unless I can go at that green with a mid-iron, I'm not going to go for it, so it's a three-shotter for me.

Q. Where were you on 18 when play was suspended?
BRADLEY DREDGE: Just going to hit my tee shot and luckily it wasn't during the golf swing. I was just going to pull the trigger and it blew, so quite fortunate.

Q. Able to shelter in a van?
BRADLEY DREDGE: Just walked straight into the recorder's hut for 23 minutes and back out.

Q. Paul Casey and Ian Poulter were having fish and chips.
BRADLEY DREDGE: I did say to Gaia, one of the scorers, "Where's our food?" Preferential treatment (laughing).
Good to finish, I think. It's nice to be off. Haven't seen the forecast, I think I'm third group out, so hopefully we'll be okay.

Q. Where do you stand on planking?
BRADLEY DREDGE: Generally lay down, I assume, when you're planking.

Q. I only ask because you were playing alongside David Lynn and I don't know whether in any moment of levity he was able to tell you about what he's been doing?
BRADLEY DREDGE: I don't know what he's been doing. David can be a bit colourful sometimes. He didn't mention anything about his planking.

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