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May 26, 2011

Jeff Quinney


THE MODERATOR: We would like to welcome Jeff Quinney into the interview room, after a 4-under par 66. Jeff, nice start to the tournament. Let's get your comments on the round.
JEFF QUINNEY: Off to a great start, second group, so the greens were fairly smooth. No one really knew what they were going to be like after the storms and the hail, but they actually were great. One of the those days when the putter hot. Ball strikin' wasn't great, had some good saves, some good, long putts, one of those days where you scored the golf ball.
THE MODERATOR: Just missed out last year, No. 126 in the FedExCup standings, and just missed making the playoffs. You've made four starts on both the PGA TOUR and the Nationwide Tour.
JEFF QUINNEY: Last year was a tough year. I missed -- 126 in FedEx, missed the finals in "Q" school getting my card back by a shot. A frustrating fall. This year I'm stuck in limbo between Tours, 146 off last year's money list. With the amount of medicals and the guys playing off career money I haven't got as many starts as I thought.
Pebble Beach and New Orleans, San Antonio, I thought I would get into those tournaments, and unfortunately I didn't. I'm playing more Nationwides than I wanted to, but that is keeping me sharp, and you've got to play where I can. Play as much as I can and keep my game sharp and try and take advantage of the opportunities, good starts like these, and Salesmanship guys were kind enough to give me an invite ahead of time, so I could put this on my schedule and I was prepared to play.
THE MODERATOR: Your fifth start here, just one other round in the 60s, not a lot of success. Talk about this golf course.
JEFF QUINNEY: This is not the golf course that I would put an asterisk next to saying this is the one I would win at, but, like I said, I have to take advantage of wherever I can play. It's a little bit longer than I would like. My strengths are irons and short game and putting and this is a longer course, but I've got to make due with what you can and get the ball in the hole.

Q. Jeff, you talk about the uncertainty with your play, how do you make the most of that, and how do you stay within yourself?
JEFF QUINNEY: Definitely, you know, it's one of those deals where you can't goof around, you've got to concentrate and I think that's in a good way. Sometimes you can play three or four weeks in a row, not get too upset about missing a cut, okay, there's always next week, maybe there is no next week here. You've got to bear down and grind it out.
Obviously those Monday qualifiers are not fun. If you shoot 5 or 6-under sometimes you don't even get in. It's not the situation that you want to be in, but there are a lot of guys that have no status that have a lot of game, too, and just got to play better and get myself out of here.

Q. The greens, we had the storms and stuff, from your perspective it must have smoothed out pretty well to accomplish what you did?
JEFF QUINNEY: I think the surface was great. They looked like ball marks, and I think they made an amendment to the rule where you can fix 'em, and I was second off so there wasn't that many foot prints, and I think the staff did a great job of fixing them or rolling them.
And if you didn't know you would think it just had a lot of play and no storm damage.

Q. Jeff, when was the last time you had a putting round like this? Has it been a while?
JEFF QUINNEY: It's been a while. I made an adjustment in my setup as of late yesterday afternoon. Just the way I'm setin' up. I used to putt like this and have rounds like this, and it's one of those times when you're like, when are we going to have one of those hot days? And I just came back, and you're trying to make good putts on all the greens, and it's a good feeling to have.

Q. Was it a setup that you used previously?
JEFF QUINNEY: You always drop back on previous things. And 2008 is probably my best year and the L.A. Open. Sometimes you can go back to that setup but it doesn't feel right, and it just clicked and a bit of a forward press, where I keep my hand in front of the ball and the ball runs in true.
THE MODERATOR: Thanks Jeff, great start.
JEFF QUINNEY: Thank you.

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