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May 24, 2011

Nick Collison

DALLAS, TEXAS: Practice Day

NICK COLLISON: They've kind of gone away from the sweet spot off the block, post-ups, and that's a little easier to send a double-team. But when you send pick-and-rolls that are thrown back to them at the top of the key, it's really hard to run a guy at a guy in the middle of the court and get picked apart that way.
He played great. He beat us with his play down the stretch. Just I don't know if there's a lot you can do with double teams, things like that. Maybe it's worth a shot. But we'll do the best with whatever the game plan is.

Q. Your hustle play, were you surprised to hear a whistle?
NICK COLLISON: Yeah, I was surprised. I was on the high side of him, so I knew I needed to make a play on the ball so he didn't get a lay-up. You know, there was contact there, but you know -- which was an unfortunate call for us. I got a hand on the ball. But I wish it would have been different for sure.

Q. You talk about resiliency, but there are challenges, and this one is as steep as it gets because it's elimination time.
NICK COLLISON: Yeah, I mean, it's true. All those things are true. But it doesn't really -- for us, I mean, we've still got to come out and play basketball, play to win. There's really -- like that's all we have to do in our lives right now is play this game, so there's really nothing else. All those things are true, like if you look at -- it's going to be really hard to win the series and all those things, we have to win three in a row, but it doesn't change the fact that we're going to go and they're going to throw the ball up at 8:00 tomorrow and we're going to be ready to play and try to get a win.

Q. What did you learn from Monday night?
NICK COLLISON: Just we've got to be better down the stretch. I think similar to Game 3 in Memphis, we made adjustments. After that -- I think sometimes we get in those situations we play on our heels when we should be more aggressive and be pushing the ball down and moving quicker, getting into our sets quicker, running off screens quicker and getting catches where we need to. For whatever reason in that game we kind of walked through our sets and then we couldn't get the ball into good places to score. I think that was a big part of it.

Q. Did you spend more time today looking over a lot of good things you did for 43 minutes or do you spend more time saying we need to finish better and look at the things that went wrong?
NICK COLLISON: We talk about it a lot. At this point we don't need to like watch a highlight tape to get ourselves excited or feel better about ourselves. We just know we have to play the win the game. It's difficult to beat this team. They've earned their wins and they're really good down the stretch. But none of that stuff changes. We just have to be ready to play when they tip off.

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