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May 23, 2011

Derrick Rose

MIAMI, FLORIDA: Practice Day

Q. How important is it for you guys not to go down 3-1 and win tomorrow?
DERRICK ROSE: It's very important. Definitely a good session today. Guys were really keyed in on the mistakes they made yesterday and just trying to correct them. That's what it's all about.

Q. Derrick, what have you noticed about them closing off the lane to you, especially in that fourth quarter, and what can you do about that?
DERRICK ROSE: It's just double-teaming. Yesterday in the (Indiscernible) court I was trying to be able to pass. But I have to be more aggressive. I have to take the double-team on and play my regular game.

Q. Other teams in the playoffs have done the same thing to you. Why is it, do you think, you guys are having a little more trouble with this defense?
DERRICK ROSE: I really don't know. Just not making the right plays. But if we're going to learn -- we learned today the passes and the plays we have to run when they do them type of things, when they trap and the release points and the offense.

Q. You guys have always been confident all year. Are you still as confident right now?
DERRICK ROSE: I'm definitely confident. The atmosphere was great. Guys were real positive, knowing they messed up yesterday. We are just trying to learn every single day.

Q. A lot has been said about the offense. But is stopping what they are doing still the most important thing you guys have to focus on?
DERRICK ROSE: Still defense. We have to bring more intensity to the game. We have to be the first to the floor, first on the rebounding side. Guards still have to get in and rebound and help the bigs. And we have to play more aggressive on both ends. Way more.

Q. Would you like to try some isolation maybe in the half court? Would that work?
DERRICK ROSE: That would be great. I think like more step-ups, things like that, more isolation-type things instead of double-teaming all the time.

Q. It also seemed like in the regular season when you would get double-teamed, you would give up the ball, but then get it back on the wing and attack from there. How come that's not happening?
DERRICK ROSE: I don't know. That's one of the things we were talking about today. If the bigs are going to have anything going up the side, give it right back to me, hands on, back-door, things like that to get me open and give me good looks.

Q. Is it frustrating the defense they are playing against you?
DERRICK ROSE: Not at all. You try to learn. This is just a learning experience, where the double-team -- Atlanta's double-team was different, Orlando was different.
Theirs is where they show high, and sometimes they show and leave out early. Sometimes they show (Indiscernible). I have to read what they're doing.

Q. How much different is it because of the guys that are doing it?
DERRICK ROSE: It's totally different. They are way athletic. Every series, the team is different and they're doing something different. The thing is catching on to it and trying to do something different.

Q. The idea that you looked across the floor at the other guys and they have an MVP and they have another guy who has been an MVP and they have a third guy who is many times an all-star, when you see they can get their offensive options with so many different places, and you look at your situation, what do you think?
DERRICK ROSE: I'm fine. I'm good with the teammates I've got right now. It's nothing about that. It's team basketball. I think that they are playing better team basketball now all around, defensively, offensively, communicating to one another. That's something we have to bring to the game.
And I think we have to be aggressive. Really aggressive.

Q. In the fourth, were guys getting frustrated with foul calls and getting out of the game a little bit?
DERRICK ROSE: Show too much emotions. I think that's what it was all about. It's one thing to have a passion about the game. But when you start bringing emotions into the game, I think that's when you can really get in trouble.
But we just can't wait to play tomorrow. I know we're excited. My teammates are excited. I just can't wait to get out there and play.

Q. It seemed they got the best of Joakim. You heard about what happened with the fan behind the bench and what he said --

Q. You didn't hear about Joakim?
DERRICK ROSE: No, I think I was playing during that time.

Q. I don't know if you heard about it since, that he might get fined, saying a gay slur to a fan who was heckling him.

Q. You really didn't hear about it?
DERRICK ROSE: No, I didn't hear about it.

Q. Coach Thibs always talks about keeping focused. How do you guys keep focused when ESPN, the magazine story, comes up yesterday and now this with Joakim today? How do you guys keep your focus and not get distracted?
DERRICK ROSE: We just got each other. This is a family. We're just trying to stay together, knowing that it's definitely harder now. But we're going to get through this. And this summer we're going to laugh about it later on.

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