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May 22, 2011

Tyson Chandler


Q. If you look at the numbers, this probably was Jason Kidd's worst statistical season of his career, but has he ever been more valuable to a team?
TYSON CHANDLER: No, not at all. He's extremely valuable for us, just because he understands the right decision at all times. You know, at the end of the game, he never gets riled up, he always seemed even keel, and I think that keeps the guys in a good frame of mind.

Q. Why do you think a point guard his age has never won a title?
TYSON CHANDLER: You know, I think circumstances and situations. You look at how great John Stockton was and he wasn't able to win a title. We're hoping this is his year, and I would love to be able to say I won a title with Jason Kidd and go down in history and ride his coattails.

Q. Why is it he's still able to function at this level at this time of year at that age?
TYSON CHANDLER: I think just a will to win. He understands this could be his last opportunity to get here, and I think that's the opinion of a lot of guys on this roster. This is the year for us, so you've got to give it all you can because you never know when you're going to get back.

Q. Do you feel confident going into tomorrow night?
TYSON CHANDLER: Yeah, definitely so. I think it's all about our effort and our willingness to get in the stance and really make things tough for these guys. It's a tough thing to do night in and night out, but if we want to be champions and we want to get past this round, that's something we've got to do.

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