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May 22, 2011

Daequan Cook


Q. Do you look for spots that you're comfortable or are you looking for what the defense is giving?
DAEQUAN COOK: I'm more than likely looking for what the defense gives me. As a shooter you just don't work on certain spots, you work on all spots and you shoot around the whole perimeter of the three. For me, it's just what the defense gives me and where I happen to be at when I get the ball.

Q. Talk about the difficulty of coming off the bench. You may get six, seven, eight minutes. Mentally to stay in the game, to be ready to come out, you don't have time to warm up. You've got to be ready to go.
DAEQUAN COOK: Always. When situations like that it's more a mental thing than physical. I look at it that way because I'm always physically ready, but it's more about me being mentally ready and knowing that every shot I shoot has a chance of going in, and that's how I look at it every time I go out there. When I get the ball, the team has confidence to shoot the ball and make shots, and that's how I feel going into each shot that I shoot.

Q. When you say that about the defense, do you feel like they did anything differently to you? You had a decent Game 2.
DAEQUAN COOK: No, not really. I mean, you look at the game, we had great shots. All the shots was good shots but they just wasn't falling for us. Like I said, when shots is not falling it's kind of contagious for the team, not just for one person but the whole team, and it kind of affects us on the defensive end because not only do you want to play defense but you want to also be a scorer to help the team win.

Q. Dallas played with a lot of energy yesterday. Do you feel like your team will have that tomorrow?
DAEQUAN COOK: Oh, yeah, no question. You think about it, this is a must-win at the end of the day, because I mean, if we win tomorrow it's a three-game series, and two of the three games is in Dallas. So you want to take advantage of this opportunity to win at home tomorrow night and hopefully go up to Dallas and get a win, too.

Q. We're seen the story line of the Mavs experiencing you guys and your youth. On the flip side of that do you think as this series progresses that the Mavs' legs could get tired?
DAEQUAN COOK: I'm not going to say that because they have more than enough time off to rest their legs and do the things they need to do. We're not going to use that as an excuse. We're just going to play our game and continue to do the things we do good on the offensive end and defensive end to try to get us wins.

Q. Could you tell early in the game that Kevin was not in a good rhythm?
DAEQUAN COOK: It's hard to say with KD because all the shots he shot, even though they were off, they were all good misses. They were long, none of them was really short except for the airball he shot, but other than that all the shots was pretty good. With KD he's a 48-minute player when it comes to the offensive and defensive end. So for that, I mean, I was just like, okay, first half is over with, now let's get to the second half and get it going there.

Q. Are you optimistic about this team's ability to even it up tomorrow night?
DAEQUAN COOK: I mean, I know we can do it. I mean, there's no question we've got the ability. You can just tell by the attitude of the guys that we left yesterday's game behind us, everybody came in a with a good attitude. As you can see we was out there having a good time. At the end of the day you've got to realize that that's over with, that's in the past, it's about moving on and doing the things we can do to get better to have a better game tomorrow night.

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