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May 22, 2011

Kevin Durant


Q. What do you do to -- is missing shots just something you sort of have to shoot your way out of? How do you remedy that?
KEVIN DURANT: Keep being aggressive. We got back into it. A little too late, though.

Q. You seem a little down today. Is it the loss still kind of eating at you?
KEVIN DURANT: No, I'm over that now. Just ready. Ready to play again.

Q. You guys are pretty good at coming back from losses. What is the reason for that? You haven't lost two in a row since April.
KEVIN DURANT: We don't like losing two in a row.

Q. What have they done the last two games to sort of get into you?

Q. Nothing different the last two games?
KEVIN DURANT: They doubled, but everybody has been doing that.

Q. You talked about that a little bit last night, that you want to make adjustments. Are there things in your mind now? Can you share some of those that you want to do differently having had a day to think about it and look at it?
KEVIN DURANT: Just be more aggressive.

Q. Is that after you get the ball or prior to?
KEVIN DURANT: Simple: Just be more aggressive before and after I get the ball.

Q. How would you explain the overall shooting from the team, 36 percent, 1 of 17 from beyond the arc? Were you guys rushing?
KEVIN DURANT: We missed shots. They did a good job, and we missed shots.

Q. Did they come out more kind of intense defensively than they did? How would you describe that?
KEVIN DURANT: Yeah, they did. You've got to give those guys credit. They came out and played, they hit us in the mouth early. Whoever hits first usually does a good job throughout the whole game.

Q. What's the biggest adjustment you guys have to make for Game 4?
KEVIN DURANT: We've got to be the first hitter. We've got to come out aggressive no matter what, and that starts with me. You'll see different.

Q. How do you strike that balance between being the go-to guy but also making sure everybody else gets there?
KEVIN DURANT: It's tough some nights, but you've got to -- first off, with me being the type of player I am, I always have to be aggressive trying to score the basketball, and I think that gets everybody else on my team going. I just try to feed off that. If I'm not making shots, I've still got to make the right basketball play.

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