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May 22, 2011

Shawn Marion


Q. Defensively what do you need to duplicate for Game 4?
SHAWN MARION: Same thing. We've just got to make sure we stay up into them and make it very hard for them to get in their sets and just go out there and do what we're supposed to do.

Q. You guys were 28 and 13 on the road during the regular season tied with Miami for the best road record. Why is this a good road team?
SHAWN MARION: We like playing in hostile environments. It gets us riled up. It's exciting. When you're making the opposing team's crowd shut up, it's fun. It's fun making them be quiet.

Q. We've heard you talk about taking the next step, getting that next win, taking it one game at a time. Was last night when you withstood that run that Oklahoma City made at the end taking the next step?
SHAWN MARION: Yeah, I think that's part of it. I think it all coincides with each other. You've got to wait and see how the game plays out. We got kind of cold on offense a little bit, but at the same time we still kept our poise and was able to close it out and get the win.

Q. Is it too much to say that was sort of like a growing moment for you guys, maybe a growth situation?
SHAWN MARION: Yeah. I mean, things happen sometimes, and sometimes you make certain adjustments and you can get bumped. We made some modifications and adjustments that Coach had us do, and we were able to hit the good shots we needed to at the end.

Q. There was no flashback to Portland when you guys lost the 23-point lead? You never thought, Here we go again?
SHAWN MARION: No, not at all. The thing about the game, we knew sooner or later they was going to hit some shots. That's what it boils down to. It's their home court. It's just a matter of us just staying with what we're doing and make sure we get the stops we needed to to win the game.

Q. How encouraging was it when Jet and Dirk both have an off-night and you guys still get the victory?
SHAWN MARION: We've got a very deep team and we have a lot of people having big nights for this team, so it's not -- it's definitely not on Dirk and Jet. They've been there, as well, but we know we've got guys on this team capable of having a big night. I think more emphasis is is everybody helping each other on defense and getting it done.

Q. What's the significance of the NBA's top scorer without a three-point field goal two games in a row?
SHAWN MARION: Just doing what we've got to do. He had a couple good looks at a couple of them, but still, knowing that we're coming or that we're going to be there is there. Sometimes it wears on you a little bit.

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