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May 25, 2003

Lorie Kane


NEAL REID: Great tournament, first of all.

LORIE KANE: Thank you.

NEAL REID: You played well today. It wasn't good enough, I guess.

LORIE KANE: No, it wasn't. I'm pleased with the way I played the front nine. I had four birdies. I had some chances on the back nine. I made some good saves, but I didn't get it done coming down the stretch, simple as that, with Juli ahead of me, knowing what she was doing. You know, you've got to make them when you have chances and I just didn't capitalize on those. It's been a very positive week, to play the weekend with no bogeys is something that I'm going to carry with me for the rest of the season, I hope, and build from there.

Q. If you had a number in your head coming into today, I'll bet you didn't think it was a 62.

LORIE KANE: To be honest with you, I thought if I could pull off the Tucson, the first round there, 61 would definitely seal the deal. I was thinking another five or six under I would be okay, but, you know, with the par 5s being so much fun to play out here and having the chances for eagles and knowing that you have to capitalize on a couple of them, I figured someone would go low, especially when we came to the course. I think the first name I saw was Laura Diaz, and I knew what she started at. I figured it was calm. There was a number out there for someone, and I tried my best to have it be me, but it was Juli.

Q. What's the feeling of shooting 20-under and losing by four?

LORIE KANE: No, it doesn't, but you know, I'll say it again, we had an elite field here this week. I think there might have been some motivation for all of us on what Annika done the first of the week, with all of the chatter about her, that we were excited to be here at Corning. It is the 25th anniversary of the tournament. The leaderboard was packed with some stellar golfers. So for Juli to go as low as she did, I'm not going to say that was an impossible thing. I definitely felt someone would go low, and I just didn't go low enough.

Q. This has been a pretty good week for women's golf.

LORIE KANE: Yes. If you add them all up, it's been great, not only for women's golf, but golf in general. You know we are here and I think we've brought some new fans, I hope, to Corning Classic and I hope they come back next year in droves. You know, what Annika did, and how she handled herself, I hope brings new people to our sport and I'm looking forward to seeing if the crowds in Chicago can match the great crowds here in Corning.

Q. When Juli lost her swing on the back-nine, did you think you had a chance?

LORIE KANE: You know, I wasn't quite sure what was happening in front of me when we came 13 on, to be honest with you. I was doing my best to make par on 13 and give myself 5 chances coming home, or however many holes were left. I knew that I had birdied some of those holes in the last three days, so I knew I had some good vibes. And then you know, I was told that Juli had some trouble, so you know, I had to make that putt on 16, really.

Q. What's it like to be the chaser over the last few holes?

LORIE KANE: Not really. I was trying to be as aggressive as I was throughout the whole round. The greens did slow down just a little bit, as we were finishing. Again, 16 was a hole that was critical for me to make that putt, and then I had another chance on 17 and 18.

Q. Can you describe what happened on 16?

LORIE KANE: I hit 4-wood off the tee and I hit a very good 9-iron probably to 15 feet and left it short about a foot from the cup.

Q. You were shaking your head coming off five too.

LORIE KANE: I thought I had hit a great putt and it bounced. I thought it definitely should go left and it went right. You know when you have a chance like that, you really have to capitalize on those. And unfortunately, today, I didn't.

Q. Shooting 20-under this week has to be a boost for you going into next week.

LORIE KANE: Well, absolutely. I'm driving the ball very well. When I came here to Corning, you know, people will tell you that Corning is the place where you have to position the ball and not a lot of people hit driver off the tee. Well, I probably hit a 4-wood once. And I said I was going to come here and use the power that I have with my driver. And I did that, and I hit a lot of fairways and I'm going to carry that with me. My game starts with the driver and goes backwards to the bag. And I'm really excited about next week already.

Q. What's your schedule coming up?

LORIE KANE: We finished here. We'll play Chicago McDonald's, Giant Eagle, and then I'll spending the next week off. Unfortunately, I won't be able to play Rochester. I'm going to hang out with the Bell Canadian folks for the weekend, and Mike Weir, the Masters champion. And then after that we'll play straight through another three weeks and the rest of the season.

Q. You said earlier that you'll definitely be back next year?

LORIE KANE: I like to play in places that I feel positive about. I think if I looked back, I've probably been here all year, is just take a year off. For myself, and I can only speak for myself, I think the tournament deserves the strongest field it can get, and I'll be back to show that I support them.

Q. How much help is it to be playing lift, clean and place this week?

LORIE KANE: Probably. But you know, I look at that from this perspective: We play professional golf, and it's difficult to hit shots with mud on the ball because you have no idea where the ball is going. And I think that in professional golf we have to have the best opportunity to do what we do best, and that's drive the golf ball. This golf course got better as the week went on. I think the warmer weather over the last two days, not that it was like stellar hot, but it was definitely warmer, the fairways on the golf course were getting in better shape. Maybe if we were here two weeks later, we wouldn't have to do that. But there was a lot of winter -- you know snow mold and stuff out there. I think our staff made a great decision to play the ball up, but it does -- it probably helps in restoring it.

Q. We heard there was a little bit of friendly trash-talking between you and Juli last night.

LORIE KANE: Well, we were finishing up last evening on the putting green and I had about a 6-footer. And I was just practicing those 6-footers. And Juli was walking away from the green, and I made the putt and she said, "Nice putt for second." And I said, "You're going to have to bring everybody with you. You're going to need them all tomorrow, Juli."

Juli is such a great champion and you should be very proud to have her as your champion here in Corning. She's a lot of fun. She makes life exciting out here on tour, that's for sure.

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