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May 21, 2011

Logan Couture

Douglas Murray


THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. Doug, as a defenseman, looking at it from a defensive standpoint, what does it mean to a team when you see the other team lose their three and six defensemen?
DOUG MURRAY: I mean, obviously it's a tough break for them. It doesn't change much what I do.
You know, obviously you want to keep putting pressure on them. You want to do that whether they lose defensemen or not. Especially with them being a little shorthanded, try to wear them down.

Q. Logan, what happened on the play with Ryane Clowe?
LOGAN COUTURE: I was turning the corner. We ran into each other. Caught me I think with his elbow in the head. I felt a little dazed. Went out, got checked out of the. The doctor said I was fine, but they didn't want me coming back in the game.
I feel fine. Did all the tests, all that stuff. He said I didn't have a concussion.

Q. What did they ask you?
LOGAN COUTURE: Just memory-type questions, months, numbers, stuff like that, words that you have to remember. Balance stuff, all that kind of stuff.

Q. You got back to the bench late in the third. What was said at that point? You went back in pretty quickly.
LOGAN COUTURE: The doctor told me they didn't want me playing. I went out and told Todd. I asked if I could sit in the bench. He said he would rather I sit in the room. That was it.

Q. Douglas, can you walk us through the three-on-five penalty kill situation.
DOUG MURRAY: They got two men more so you try to keep it tight. We always got to give up something. Tried to defend as much passes through the middle so Niemo can get set for the shots. He obviously tried to block as many shots as he can, not only if the shot goes through, you're not there to clear out the rebounds, they usually have two-on-one at the nets. It's one of those kind of more desperation than anything.
Just try to stay in lanes, take off on your passes that goes through the triangles.

Q. Logan, I'm told there's some controversy in your locker room about the nickname of Thor and whether that belongs to Douglas Murray or Niclas Wallin?
LOGAN COUTURE: I vote Wally. That beard is pretty scary. Definitely wouldn't want to play with him the way he looks right now.

Q. Doug, you don't want to hurt other players, but do you maybe not mind if the other team is thinking you guys might be ready to put them in the glasses, and if it causes injury, it causes injury?
DOUG MURRAY: It's been a hard-hitting series the whole three games, I think. I think (indiscernible) probably got the best licks in the first two games. Nobody runs into somebody to hurt them, you know. But you obviously try to hit them hard, wear them out, make them a little sore.
I don't think we need to tell them we're trying to do that. I think they're trying to do it to us, too. It's part of the game. It's physical.

Q. Douglas, what do you think about this Thor business?
DOUG MURRAY: I know that Thor is really me because I picked up the hammer and Wally didn't.

Q. (No microphone.)
LOGAN COUTURE: No, I'm fine (laughter).

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