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May 20, 2011

Paul Lawrie

Ian Poulter


Q. Your second match, came down the 18, both halved, how do you feel about this one?
IAN POULTER: It was a good match. I got myself up. I got myself in a good position. And Paul rallied hard, hit some good shots at the right time and holed a great putt on 16 to take it back to all square.
And then I think he'll be disappointed he missed that putt on 17, and I'll be disappointed I missed that putt on the last. So it was a good match, 4-under par.

Q. Paul, your thoughts, 2-down after 7 to such a formidable match player, but as Ian said, you had a chance at 16.
PAUL LAWRIE: Yeah, I played poorly the front nine. And Ian played steady. Played nicely.
And at the back nine I hit some nice shots at the right time. And exactly what Ian said; I'm a bit disappointed that I didn't knock it on on 17, uphill right-to-left, easiest putt you'll have all day. And I couldn't see him missing the one at the last. Overall, I suppose a halved match is about right.

Q. Obviously having played two matches Ian, you're sitting out this afternoon, you understand the World Rankings, you're one of the very few players who do; do you understand this system? Do you know what it means for you now to have two points in two matches?
IAN POULTER: Sure. I can't be going home this afternoon unless obviously I get into a sudden death situation later on this afternoon.
So, I've got to wait. Obviously going to go have some lunch and obviously watch Paul on the box and see what happens.

Q. Francesco Molinari this afternoon, your thoughts on that one?
PAUL LAWRIE: Obviously looking forward to it. Francesco is a very good player tee-to-green, hits it solid and had some good success. I feel as though apart from the front nine, I've been playing well for a few weeks so we'll see what happens this afternoon.

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