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May 20, 2011

Nick Collison


Q. Has the attitude changed? Are other guys more likely to get technicals?
NICK COLLISON: I don't know. Things don't seem that different, but we have gotten more technicals. I just think it's probably maybe the higher emotions of more meaningful games later in the season and in the Playoffs if I had to pick one thing.

Q. Were you excited to see Kevin get his technical?
NICK COLLISON: I didn't care really about the technical, but the dunk was amazing and gave us a big boost. He was excited, he reacted. I don't think that was a big deal really at all at that point.

Q. Can you talk about the fourth quarter yesterday from your perspective? People come off the bench, staying out there in a very critical game, and you guys came through. What was it like for you out there at such a critical stretch?
NICK COLLISON: We've played well in stretches before. We have confidence in everybody on our team that they can play. During the game it didn't feel much different because like I said, we've played fourth quarter minutes before. If you took a step back and realized that the starters didn't come back, then it is a little different than what we normally do. But when we were in the game we were kind of lost in the game and kept playing well.

Q. (Inaudible.)
NICK COLLISON: I think the biggest thing is we played without fouling, so we were able to push them off of spots a little bit, but we kept our hands out of there. When you touch guys with the hands as opposed to your body, they're more likely to get fouled. But I think overall we competed hard, and our defense at the point of the ball was better, which led to us being in better position to fight him off his spot a little bit more. It's just an accumulation I think of more effort and better play.

Q. Is there any tendency to exhale after getting one win?
NICK COLLISON: I don't think so. I would hope not. I would hope everyone realizes how important each one of these games are. We're in the Western Conference Finals. There's a lot on the line, and Dallas, we have a tough time with them. They're a great team. I wouldn't think we'll have that. I would think we'll be ready to go Game 3.

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