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November 20, 2003

Lorie Kane


MODERATOR: Big birdie on 18 there to get to within one of the lead on a very, very tough day out there.

LORIE KANE: Absolutely. Out of the rough and it -- was a good solid 8-iron, kind of used the back slope of that green to have it feed back down. I had to go over a little bit of water and in the rough, not quite sure what it will do. I just hit it as hard as I could and hit a good shot and I hit the ball really solid all day today and I have to say that I think my putting was superb, it was really good. I had a good feel for the greens and the speed and came up -- when I had chances I took advantage of them and I did make a couple of bogeys, but didn't hurt myself too bad. I was able to finish in the red.

MODERATOR: Only three people in the red right now. How tough is it out there?

LORIE KANE: It is very difficult. I mean, I believe that the golf course, without the wind, is tough, the finishing holes particularly on the backside. And to factor in the wind, it makes it even that much more tougher. It's not out of one direction. Every hole is a different direction and it's swirling and it's a real challenge.

Q. Is this course one of the most feared on Tour?

LORIE KANE: First of all, to make it to this event we have all had a very good year to get here and it's a lot of fun to be here. It one of those golf courses that is very challenging, but it's fun too because you have got to hit shots and some of them you will pull off and some of them you won't. Again, you can't give the back nine enough respect because it's very, very strategically laid out through the back and I would never think I was in Florida if I didn't know any better. It's just, the wind, the elevations and the shapes of the greens and the way the wind is, it's tough. It's probably one of the toughest courses we play.

Q. (Inaudible) Pulling off a shot on 18, you didn't have anything happen on there?

LORIE KANE: My key was miss it, if I am going to miss the shot, I am going to be left because I don't think that -- you have got the grain that runs across the green down towards that water and the wind was going that way too, I didn't want to be playing my third out the water. So if you can get it up there and it will run all the way down. So yeah, I had a couple of those shots today. I went for the green on No. 9 and the wind was blowing harder to the right. I had enough to carry and it hit the bank, rolled down just -- I am just about four feet out of the hazard, make a birdie.

No. 16, I pretty much had to stand on my head to try to hit a chip shot; I made bogey there. I was happy to make bogey because I was going to have to be hitting it again from the other side. I got lucky today a couple of times. But I think you need to make your breaks and I did that.

Q. (Inaudible) on 18 --

LORIE KANE: Actually I know the yardage. I had probably just about 128 yards to the flag and I was just back where it kind of just in and out, so I had a little bit of water to go over. I was right in the bottom of the rough. I mean, that ball just was sitting down, Billy Ray said, great shot, he said, I probably would have been hitting the next one out of the scoring tent (laughs).

Q. Were you worrying about the water on the tee shot?

LORIE KANE: I was. I was holding my breath (laughs). I played with Karrie today and I really enjoy playing golf with her because she's got such a fighting attitude and she hits very good shots. She hit a shot on 16 that, you know, stellar Karrie puts it three feet from the hole and it's blowing a gale right into us, and you know, you play well when -- I always play well when I play with people that are good players. And the top players, I mean, Karrie is a champion for sure.

Q. How much would a win mean? I know it's early but how much would a win mean to you?

LORIE KANE: A lot. I have been -- I wouldn't say that I have been struggling because I haven't been, but I have been close, and I think I have been putting far too much pressure on myself and not just going out and enjoying the rounds and I decided that I have nothing to lose this week and I am going to go out and continue this tournament, just to try to, you know, maybe try to build for next year and that I know if I had some weaknesses, it's that I don't always hit the ball solid. I am really trying to find out why I don't do that. Danny and I have been talking about my posture and how I sometimes lose my posture, so I look at the best woman golfer in the world in Annika, Annika is so strong and tall, she stays in her posture the whole time and that means she will hit the middle of the club face with every shot. That's a big difference. That's five yards or, you know, a miss-hit, if it's still in the middle of the club face might carry some trouble. So to win would be huge; especially here at Mr. Trump's course.

End of FastScripts.

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