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May 18, 2011

Tom Thibodeau


Miami Heat 85
Chicago Bulls 75

Q. Coach, was it Miami's defensive effort today or just the guys had a bad shooting night?
COACH TOM THIBODEAU: No, you have to give them credit. Their defense was outstanding. I thought they were into us. They fought us. Their ball pressure was great. They challenged shots. And then when the ball was up on the board, they were in the fight.

Q. Tom, they had 13 fast-break points, but it seemed like ten of those came in one stretch in the third quarter. What happened and how important is it to keep them from snowballing that way?
COACH TOM THIBODEAU: It's critical. I think your turnovers and bad shots and also their running off of blocks, if you put them in the open floor, you're at a huge disadvantage, particularly if they've generated speed. That's how they ultimately get to the line. You have to take that away.
I thought when you look at how LeBron rebounded, ten rebounds, Wade 9 rebounds, Mike Miller 7 rebounds in short minutes, Haslem. When the ball was up on the board, they were in the fight. They were in the fight.

Q. Tom, a lot of missed free-throws and a lot of missed field goals tonight, yet you were still right in the game with a couple of minutes to go. Does that have any value going into Game 3 or is a loss a loss?
COACH TOM THIBODEAU: No, we're going to have to make corrections, learn from it, and do a whole lot better down there. Defensively we have to do a lot better. We have to clean a lot of things up.

Q. (No microphone).
COACH TOM THIBODEAU: I'm sorry, are you taking about the fourth quarter? Yeah. They made a good play. They made a good play. You know, he got a good look at it. We have to get back up into him and we have to challenge the shot.

Q. Coach, was there anything differently that you saw you could have done on the pick and rolls, the way they were playing Derrick?
COACH TOM THIBODEAU: It was pretty consistent with the way they've played him in Game 1. So we have to do a better job. We have to do a better job with it. You know, I thought when we started missing shots, it took a lot out of us. We played low-energy offense. We played low-energy defense. And the result was not great. I thought in the third quarter, when Ronnie and Omer and Taj came into the game, we had a stretch there where we played some defense and we were able to get back into the game.
But, again, we have to be a lot more consistent. We have to start off the game playing defense. And then we have to sustain that effort throughout the game. I thought it was too easy to start the game for them. I thought they got their confidence early, they had a big second quarter, and I think that got them going.
And then the third quarter they had their run. And it starts with our defense. Our defense and rebounding are two things we have to be able to count on.

Q. Did you get a sense, Tom, that what you got from Taj in Game 1, maybe they got from Udonis Haslem in this game?
COACH TOM THIBODEAU: Oh, yeah. Haslem is a terrific player, because he's one of those guys that -- and you really can't measure him statistically. He brings a lot of toughness to their team, high-energy guy, terrific defensively. That's the way he plays. He's had a tough year because of the injury, but he's an excellent player. I thought he did a great job. Not only him, their entire team. I thought they had a lot of fight to them.
THE MODERATOR: Thanks, Coach.

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