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April 29, 2004

Lorie Kane


THE MODERATOR: Thanks for coming in and joining us. 9-under, you're tied with Aree Song for the lead. Give us your thoughts on the day, we'll go from there.

NEAL REID: Let's go through your score card. We have a lot to talk about.

LORIE KANE: Yeah, we do. No. 1, I hit 8 iron to ten feet.

Then the lovely No. 4, hit it in the water well, I hit 5 iron, first of all, into galing winds and just pushed it ever so slightly and hit the bank and went down into the pond. I was trying to save bogey, but I got a chip and hit my chip past and above the hole and very quick going down there. So walked away with a 5.

NEAL REID: How far was your bogey putt there?

LORIE KANE: About eight feet. And was very proud of myself because I did not lose my marbles. I just kept patient and then birdied the sixth hole. I had 220 yards to the hole, I hit 5 wood and I had about a 25 foot putt for eagle and tapped in for by birdie.

The seventh hole, I hit my 58 degree wedge to 12 feet and made another birdie. So now I'm happier.

Got through the front nine and birdied 10. I hit 9 iron to 18 feet.

And on 11, I hit my hybrid 3 4 iron to well, I had 25 feet for birdie, which was another nice one.

And then on 13, I chipped in and I was just about five yards from the front edge of the green and I chipped in for eagle.

I made, unfortunately, another bogey on 15. I had half of a ball of mud in the middle of the fairway, and when that happened, mud was on the left hand side of his ball, and when Tiger says in his book, when mud is on the left, the ball will go right. So I tried to just do that and hit it in the bunker, and didn't get up and down obviously but made 5.

On 18, we had about 185 to the pin, and hit my had I bride three 4 iron just up on the back shelf and I got up and down for a great birdie.

NEAL REID: How far was your birdie putt there?

LORIE KANE: Just inside eight feet.

NEAL REID: Did you chip eight feet?

LORIE KANE: Yeah, I had to chip.

NEAL REID: On 15, what was your par putt there? How far was that?

LORIE KANE: 30 feet. I had a very long bunker shot, and I wasn't even on the green, I was just on the fringe.

NEAL REID: 67 the first round has always got to make you feel pretty good, right.

LORIE KANE: Absolutely. It's exciting, we've been to the West Coast and now we are back, this is a really good way to start what I call the big chunk of the season and with all that Chick Fil A does for us here in Atlanta, and Nancy, having her name on the tournament, it sure is one that I would like to have.

There is a lot of work ahead of me, but to start off with the day I had, considering I made a double bogey, I'm pretty proud of myself.

NEAL REID: What was the strength of your game today?

LORIE KANE: You know, I drove it well. I think I putted very good. And when I missed it, too bad, but when you have an eagle on your card, it helps. The wind is getting breezy out there, I don't know about the weather the next few days so we'll just have to be patient. Overall, the biggest strength of my game was the six inches between my ears today was very calm.

Q. You said you didn't lose your marbles, how important is that, to get to a top of a sport, to be able to forgive yourself quickly and get a bad shot out of your mind?

LORIE KANE: I think that is the difference between winning and not winning, or winning and not having success. I know one of the things that I have gotten in my own way, as I call it, and a few weeks ago, had I picked that shot, I probably would have been a little bit more upset with myself and carried it to the next shot, and that's what you can't do and that's what I'm really trying to if you make a mistake, you're going to make a mistake, but you just can't follow up a mistake with another one.

And I had the opportunity to play with Annika in L.A., and you know, there was some times where she didn't hit the fairway and she hit, what I would call, she turned 6s into 4s. On a couple of par 5s, she hit it in places she probably shouldn't have been but she came out with birdie. That shows a true champion and I strong mind that just says, get it out, take your medicine, but don't mess up on next one.

Q. When I saw you here five years ago, you had the playoff, how could you compare yourself and the maturity on the golf course and your game, to the Lorie Kane of '99?

LORIE KANE: I think I know too much now and I think I lose my patience a little bit quicker, and that's not good, but I do have a lot of really good memories here. It's a real comforting place to be.

Q. You mentioned Tiger's book and paying attention to the way Annika managed herself, do you find yourself picking up little tidbits from different places and trying to bring your game together?

LORIE KANE: Yes. I mean, any time we are very blessed that we have an Annika Sorenstam on our tour, similar to what the gentlemen have in Tiger on their tour. When you have a chance to play with players as great as the two of them are, you're going to learn something, and if you don't, you're missing out because any time you can play with somebody of Annika's caliber, you're going to take some things away from it. You know, you just pick up little things here and there, and you watch the way they approach things.

I've been lately, not watching how she hits the ball but how she manages herself, and, you know, try to learn from that.

Q. There was a time when Lorie Kane was a bridesmaid, and then you broke through with four wins and now it's been about three years, do you feel like you're about ready again?

LORIE KANE: I'm very ready. I'm beyond ready. But again, I have to be patient and I sometimes feel like I am that old Lorie, that just is continuing to try to build, build, build, and now I know one thing is that I'm not afraid to win and I think there was a time when I might have been. But I'm not afraid anymore, and I'm just going out and trying to play the best that I can. You know, I've got some goals that I want to achieve this summer and that's to be the best that I possibly can be and not to worry about anybody else.

Q. What do you think about this course? Is it the type where you need to manage your game or can you pin your ears back and go for the flags or does this course lure you into trying things?

LORIE KANE: It can do a little bit of both. You have to manage yourself, for sure. These greens, the back nine is a great back nine, and the finishing holes on the front nine, you get some chances, as I had today, with being able to get the par 5s. The par 3s, you really need to pay attention on. And if you miss it in the wrong place, then you can be really penalized for it, as I was today on 4.

But it is a golf course that just gets better with time. Unfortunately, it's not as in good of conditions, fairways, only, than it has been, and I think it had a lot to do with the weather, or the lack of rain that you guys didn't have, but the greens are rolling beautifully. It's always nice to play a course that you know you can if you get it on the green, you have a chance, and the ball is rolling.

End of FastScripts.

LORIE KANE: Well, first of all, we dodged some rain. I thought we were going to have lots of that today. That was a bonus.

Pretty basic round of golf. I started -- the Back 9 was my Front 9 or First 9, I should say. I had some chances early on. Made a good birdie on 16, then followed it with a bogey on 17. Birdied 18, then left a few on the Front 9.

Again, a real solid day of hitting the ball, staying very patient.


Q. What part of your game was the key for you today?

LORIE KANE: Today I would say I drove the ball very well. Overall, both days I hit it very solid. But like I said yesterday, I'm most impressed with myself that I'm hitting every shot one shot at a time, and I'm really not thinking about much more. That still is probably the thing that's worked the best for me over the last couple of days.

Q. So you're managing your game real well right now?

LORIE KANE: Managing it very well.

Q. Sometimes the way people talk, when people are at their most boring, they play their best. An imaginative person might not play well. Do you have to have blinders on to play well?

LORIE KANE: I'm not that way. I take in everything that's going on around me, the people who are following me. At Eagle's Landing, there's some really beautiful home. I spend a lot of time looking at the houses, seeing what kind of window dressings they have because I'm in the process of trying to figure out if I want to put blinds or drapes on my house. So I spend time away from the shot until I get to the shot.

But I think you may be right in the less you think about it, the better. Just stand up and hit it (laughter).

Q. The way this course is scoring, names are moving all over the board, do you expect it's going to be a pretty wild weekend?

LORIE KANE: First of all, I think it's going to depend on how Mother Nature treats us overnight and into tomorrow. I don't know how much water the fairways can take. I think the greens are rolling really nicely. If you get it anywhere on the green, you can give yourself some good looks at it. I don't foresee that changing, even with some water. I think, you know, a few on the Front 9 are quite firm, so that might help those.

You know, I still think this golf course, for whatever reason, because it's not easy by any stretch, you have to hit good golf shots to make birdies. We seem to be making our few. I'm looking forward to the weekend.

THE MODERATOR: Do you want to take us over the score card.

LORIE KANE: 16, I hit 5-iron to 15 feet.

Like I said, I bogeyed 17. I hit it in the left fairway bunker off the tee. Just was able to advance it probably within 60 yards of the green. Unfortunately, I missed an 8-footer for par.

On 18, I hit 5-iron to the front edge of the green and 2-putted from probably 20 feet.

No. 5, I hit 9-iron to 15 feet.

On the 6th hole, I fit 4-wood onto the green, 28 feet for eagle, tapped in for bird.

8, I hit 8-iron to 12 feet.

That's basically it.

Q. (Inaudible)?

LORIE KANE: We may play the 19th hole in a short time (laughter).

No. 9, I had a very realistic chance there. I probably had just outside 15 feet. I just didn't hit it solid enough.

Q. (Inaudible)?

LORIE KANE: No. I'm playing very good golf. I have been playing very good golf. I said to you yesterday that I've been getting in my own way. I'm just not going to do that anymore. If a good score comes out of me, then that's great. If it doesn't happen, it's not the end of the world.

I think I have put a little bit too much pressure on myself for no reason. The game is there. I just need to be the way I am right now on the golf course. You know, we strive every day to try to get in that last group so we can challenge ourselves to try to win golf tournaments. It's really a lot of fun when you get there. So I'm just enjoying it.

Q. I'm intrigued you're looking at window dressings between shots. Everybody is so focused. How are you able to focus on other things like that?

LORIE KANE: Well, it's just me. I was never one that -- I remember when I won my first tournament, my caddie Danny told me that I needed to make sure that day that I talked to everybody like I normally did instead of closing up and trying to be in that zone. There's several ways of being in the zone, and I know that I've been there. My way is to take in everything that's going on around me and enjoy myself.

So that's just how I do it. I mean, I don't think I'm textbook by any stretch (laughter).

Q. (Inaudible)?

LORIE KANE: I believe it's going to be plantation shutters I think is what they call them (laughter).


LORIE KANE: Guys, thank you very much. We appreciate all you do for us.

End of FastScripts.

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