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May 17, 2011

Chris Bosh


CHRIS BOSH: Win the rebounding war and outworking them.

Q. Do you need bigger bodies to help with that?
CHRIS BOSH: No, it's not about bigger bodies. It's just about wanting the ball. Collectively as a team we have to do a good job of keeping bodies on those bigs, containing the sting and roll with D-Rose and doing our job the way we're capable of. We've done it all season. We just have to capitalize tomorrow.

Q. Chris, coach said the buzz word today was cavalry. What does that mean to you guys?
CHRIS BOSH: I have no idea. I'll ask him (Indiscernible)

Q. He hadn't dropped that on you yet?
CHRIS BOSH: No, Spo uses a lot of words. I'm not going to lie. I don't know what that word means. I'm sure he'll explain it today.

Q. You guys alternate a lot of line changes. You played with a bunch of point guards, you played with a bunch of centers. How much adjusting on the fly does that require you, going from Big Z to Joel, or when you play more with Carlos, with Mario or Mike, how much of an adjustment is it to make?
CHRIS BOSH: It's not much of an adjustment. It's knowing who our personnel is. We've been playing with these guys all season. Yeah, we're going to change some things up differently when Z is in the game as a fact when it's Joel. It's all the same, because we know what plays we're going to run. We know what Joel can do. We know how he handles out there. It's all the same thing.

Q. Chris, I've heard people say that rebounding is kind of a mentality. What would that mentality be --
CHRIS BOSH: Go get the ball by any means. I mean, I was always looking -- I tell people this before. I was always looking for the answers to the rebounding and all that stuff. A dude just told me just go get the ball one day. It made sense.
It's all about having the will to go do it.

Q. Does a mean streak also help?
CHRIS BOSH: It helps. I think it helps. You have to be a bit of a maniac. There's always ways to figure out how to do it and all, how to get yourself up to play personally. Different guys have different ways.

Q. Chris, do you guys feel now that you're the underdog?
CHRIS BOSH: I don't get into the whole underdog, Goliath-David kind of matchup. I look at the game. They're the ones who have home-court advantage. They're the ones who have the best record in the league. They shouldn't be the underdogs right now.

Q. Chris, do you ever get a sense when you're in a practice for a big game, how you're going to come out of that game? Because if you get that sense, does it actually mean anything when you come out for the game?
CHRIS BOSH: I think so. I think intensity always carries over. Your mindset, you always want to get mentally prepared in practice. That's what it's for, to really see yourself doing your job out there, because you have to see it before you do it.
We're just looking forward to working today and having a good practice and addressing the issues we had in Game 1.

Q. Did you ever envision Oprah Winfrey changing your basketball schedule?
CHRIS BOSH: Yeah, I mean, it's Oprah. She can do anything.

Q. Do you ever watch Oprah?
CHRIS BOSH: Sometimes. I have feelings.

Q. Chris, what is Coach Spoelstra particularly good at? You've had a lot of coaches (Indiscernible)?
CHRIS BOSH: I think he's good just staying, keeping -- staying mentally tough through different situations and just being focused. He has his razor-sharp focus like all the time. You can see it in his face. He's -- I think he's a humble guy and he wants to win like the rest of us. He has his formula. He's really focused on doing his job. That's what you need out of your coach.

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