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May 16, 2011

Chris Bosh


Q. I know it's hard to practice hustle, but how do you prepare for that for Game 2?
CHRIS BOSH: You have to have that mind frame. I think that's one major mistake we had coming into Game 1. That's one thing. Another thing is hustle (Indiscernible) Unfortunately, they threw the first punch. But we have to react, and we have to do a better job of doing it.

Q. (Indiscernible) game two days ago. Is that a good thing coming right back at it?
CHRIS BOSH: I think it's a good thing. Second chances is a good thing. You have to let it boil sometimes. A bad team performance, it's the best thing to wait and, you know, be a little bit upset.
Your first inclination is to get right out there and try to erase the bad memory, but it is what it is. We just have to wait, and we have to do a better job of preparing.

Q. Chris, this is four straight losses now you guys have had to this team. Does it get in your mind that maybe they just have your number?
CHRIS BOSH: No, not at all. They're a competitive team. They're playing better than us. This is being frank. They are playing better than us. We have to overcome that. We've had to overcome a lot of obstacles, and we're going to have to do that if we want to win.

Q. Preparing for this now, this is the first time in the postseason you guys are down in a series. How does that change your mindset?
CHRIS BOSH: It doesn't change your mindset. I think you should be pretty consistent in how you are. We have to take our approach to Game 2 like we've always taken the approach. Yeah, the circumstances are different. We do have to make some minor adjustments and we're going to have to play with more desperation. But all in all, it's the same.

Q. From a personal perspective, it seems like you were aggressive yesterday. How does that make you feel knowing that you played well and hopefully the rest of the team will pick up in Game 2?
CHRIS BOSH: Well, that's a tough thing. We came up short. We lost the game. Yeah, I had a decent game. But at the same time I want our team success to be better. So, you know, I just -- it's tough to read into sometimes. Yeah, I had a good game, but we didn't win. So it's kind of hard to read.
I look at my mistakes. That's one thing I can do, look at my mistakes. Look at all the mistakes I made and see how I can improve out there.

Q. Chris, it did seem whenever you got a one-on-one matchup, you made an attempt to drive the ball rather than just shoot the jumper. After watching the game film -- I know you said the film looked very different. It was hard to recognize. Is that something you picked up?
CHRIS BOSH: Yeah, I mean, I want to have an aggressive mind frame coming into each game. You never want to be out there settling for jumpers, because against a great defense like that, that's what they want you to do most of the time. I want to be a little more aggressive than usual and just play the game. If I have an open jumper, take it aggressively. If I see a lane, take that too.

Q. Chris, was that a breakout game for you last night? And if so, how did it happen for you in Game 1 against the Bulls last night?
CHRIS BOSH: I don't feel like it was a breakout game. I just try to stay consistent. I mean, I made shots. I was where I was supposed to be. Like I said before, that's kind of hard to read. It wasn't anything that I've done differently, that I've done in other games.
And you know, I'm looking for the mistakes I made. I don't want to put myself on a pedestal and act like everything is all good when it's not. We just have to do a good job today of really looking at our shortcomings and try to improve them the next two days.

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